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alison redford tweets that she’s in.

Justice Minister Alison Redford made an early morning debut on Twitter today, using her first tweet to announce that she is running for her party’s leadership. Minister Redford was first elected to represent Calgary-Elbow in 2008, unseating Liberal MLA Craig Cheffins. She has an impressive resume of international experience, helping set up legal structures in countries like Vietnam.

Since being elected to the Assembly, it is my observation that Ms. Redford sometimes becomes one of the most partisan PC Cabinet Ministers in Question Period, especially when sparing with former Liberal Justice Critic and Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr.

Alison Redford's first tweet. February 16, 2011.

Ms. Redford is not the only social media newcomer to enter the PC contest. Former Deputy Premier Doug Horner joined Twitter soon after launching his leadership bid in February 4. Battle River-Wainwright MLA Doug Griffiths, who joined the leadership contest yesterday, is a long-time Twitter user.

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I appreciate the fact that Doug Griffiths has been a long time twitter user – I find it interesting Redford used her first tweet to announce but also find it fake. She is trying to be something she is not and appeal to Albertans she never seemed to care to interact with before. Where is the legitimacy in that?
We will see how she does – we already know Doug will use it well. His announcement yesterday was proof of that!
Griffiths for leader!

Policy hacks don’t get voted in. Where was Alison and her leadership when all the hotbutton issues in politics came up this year? Did any of the PC leaders side on any issue with the Alberta Public? NOT ONE MLA, NOT ONE MINSTER on ANY ISSUE!

Thone ONE AND ONLY PC MLA that stood up for Albertans on ANY ONE issue was Dr. Raj Sherman. The PC’s foolishly banished their Wayne Gretzkey to political wasteland, cutting off their own knees in the process, kudos to Ed Stelmach and his uber intelligent bonehead advisors.

The rest of them are political deadwood and bottom of the barrel scratchings as the PC’s are completely out of good high quality intelligent centrist candidates.

Sherman is actually taking the time to talk to people province wide. No other candidate has taken the energy to reach people like this. NOT ONE!

PC leadership candidates are good for one thing….flatulence!

I don’t think the use of social media is as big a deal as some are making it out to be. It may be a new way to communicate but it’s just a medium, not the message. Touting someone as “social media” candidates is no more substantial than calling someone “the radio candidate” or “the fax guy”

I agree with Darren, what you say matters far more than how you say it. Being “on” a social media platform is just one step towards proper usage of said tool.

Alison Redford has always struck me as a rather empty politician. She could barely conceal her disdain for the opposition, particulary Kent Hehr during question period. He may be repetetive and not the brightest bulb around, but she still never afforded his questions with the proper amount of respect due to any MLA in the chamber.

Those acts, combined with her horrid oversight of the Justice Ministry including continued coverup of the 2004 flight log election scandal, puts her at the bottom of the list in my books.

I’d almost rather see Ted Morton win it over her, at least he stands for something. Redford strikes me as corporate Calgary BS to the core. She’s Jim Dinning in a pant suit.

Another Tory MLA running from one trough to another.

Meanwhile, former Liberal Director of Communications Neil Mackie is rumored to be running around assembling a team for a bid for the ALP leadership. That would be an interesting insider/outsider candidate who I think could lead the liberals to great things.

Good call, Darren.

I hereby declare my intention to run for the leadership of the PC Party of Alberta, on a platform of grassroots politics using solely fax-based media.

Darren – that’s an important point. Social media is a tool, albeit a tool with growing importance, but it does not replace the traditional campaign methods (ie: door knocking, phoning, meeting people one on one). It complements the other tools. I think it will be interesting to see if the candidates in the PC leadership contest, and the Alberta Party and LIberal Party leadership contests, can use these tools to engage more new people into the process.

– Dave

I’ve been closely watching her as well given her resume I would have argue that she is not just partisan –she is ‘hyper partisan’. Not only that, like any good lawyer, she is very short on words which could prove to be her downfall considering how Alberta is starving for inspiration and charisma in it’s leaders.

People vote on parties. We need someone that sees a partisan reality – not someone like Doug Griffiths who lives in a political fairy tale.

As a recovering PC Party member, let me tell you what this announcement amounts to:

Putting a new saddle on an old horse.

But, the inside scoop is that the race will ultimately be won by Gary Mar who will be announcing his intentions shortly.

I’m sure Kelley Charlebois will be very happy.


Take a look at Danielle Smith’s policy and decide for yourself if she’s leading a “scary right wing” party.

No private funding of health care, no return to premiums.. a full and unequivocal commitment to the Canada Health Act.

Removing fat middle management and golden handshake deals.

Standing up for the small guy against government efforts to make wide-ranging land decisions without proper consultation and proper access to review those decisions.

A commitment to removing seniors from hospital acute care facilities costing taxpayers over $1,000.00 per day to long-term care facilities at costs of $150.00 per day.

A commitment to allowing a property tax deferral for seniors.


I suppose new ideas would be “scary” to a 40 year old government horse who has gotten used to walking the same trail, day after day, year after year.

Danielle Smith and, in fairness, Ted Morton, scare the crap out of those feeding on government fat.. and that’s why Morton won’t get elected as leader, and while Danielle Smith will be the next Premier.

Rob H.: Free piece of advice. It’s possible to disagree with another party without being insulting. In fact, the reason the WRA won’t be winning the next election, or the one after that is because they are so quick to be insulting and demeaning. You easily forget how any people do support the government, and by insulting the gov’t you insult these people. If the WRA party is truly intent on replacing the Tories it will need to learn a thing or two about integrity and class.

I anxiously await your insulting response.




Maybe so.

I suppose I’m a little disillusioned. As the saying goes, “I’ve seen some things..”.

And maybe you’re right that my gross disappointment in the party has gotten the better of me.

There are a lot of people I worked with in the Party who are lovely people – but the power structure is so entrenched, that for all their good intentions, it isn’t going to change.. and the same issues that chased Gary Mar to Washington are still going on, and so, IN MY OPINION, it’s time to change horses.

Fair enough. And you may have been around a lot longer than I have (I’m 29), however I’m going to stick with the horse that brought me, and this province to where we are today. It may be old (although is 40 really that old?), it may be tired, but it’s still led us to be living in the best province in this country. And I still believe in it, even if others don’t.

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