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remembering mister splashy pants.

At least a dozen times a year, I am invited to present workshops on social media and media training to various organizations and associations across Alberta. Some of these have included communications representatives from the Book Publishers Association of Alberta, the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, Public Interest Alberta, and Covenant Health among others.

This past weekend, I co-presented a similar presentation, along with my friend Samantha Power, to participants of the Next Up network in Edmonton. This Next Up  network is dedicated to providing practical training and education for young social activists in our province. This was my second time presenting a workshop to this group and this time I included a video to remind participants how traditional command and control communications does not mix well with social media.

As Alexis Ohanian explains in his Ted Talk, it was clear that the organizers of this Greenpeace campaign could probably never had predicted their well-intentioned online activism could result in this kind of an outburst of internet activity.

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