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pc leadership poll results: doug griffiths takes an early lead.

After two days of voting, the results have been tallied in the first poll asking readers of this blog who they thought should replace Premier Ed Stelmach as leader of Alberta’s PC Party. Thank you to the 813 readers who voted in this online poll.

Some people might be surprised by the strength of Battle River-Wainwright MLA Doug Griffiths in this poll, but as the PC MLA with the highest personal online profile it is not surprising that online political watchers would support the idea of him as the next PC leader (or as a friend said this week, “he would be the first PC leader who actually understands 21st century communications”). As a moderate Tory, Justice Minister Alison Redford would have some natural appeal to readers of this blog. As for Edmonton-Mill Woods MLA Carl Benito‘s support, I imagine that it was his unique position on tuition and property taxes that earned him those 76 votes.

Here is the breakdown of the results.

Who should PC Party members vote to replace Premier Ed Stelmach in their upcoming leadership contest?

Doug Griffiths (25%, 205 Votes)
Alison Redford (21%, 170 Votes)
Ted Morton (15%, 119 Votes)
Jonathan Denis (10%, 79 Votes)
Carl Benito (9%, 76 Votes)
Jim Prentice (5%, 44 Votes)
Doug Horner (5%, 40 Votes)
Dave Hancock (3%, 28 Votes)
Cindy Ady (3%, 26 Votes)
Gary Mar (2%, 13 Votes)
Thomas Lukaszuk (1%, 7 Votes)
Lloyd Snelgrove (1%, 6 Votes)
Total Voters: 813

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If all Albertans bought a temporary PC membership, we could play a huge practical joke and elect Carl Benito as the next PC leader. Or, just as funny, Lindsay Blackett, who suggested he may consider a run at the leadership.

It shows nothing other than the fact on-line ‘polls’ can be (and are) manipulated, self selected, unscientific and not worthy of serious discussion.

Time for a change in all parties. The Liberals and NDP need a fresh face. Old Brian Mason and David Swann are terrible leaders who will never be Premier. The Alberta Party is bringing new ideas and new people like Sue Huff to Alberta politics. It’s time for the Liberals and NDP to step up and get new leaders with new ideas!
Take advantage of the Conservative change and do the same!

I agree with Trisha. The NDP are a lost cause in this province as long as grandstanders like Brian Mason is the best the can offer. The Libs might have a chance if they get a new leader soon.

Neat poll Dave. Morton is popular among right wringers but it is time for the PC’s to choose a real leader for the future not a leader from the past like Ted Morton.

OK. Now let’s hear some names of potential Alberta Party leaders. It’s possible that there might even be some overlap with the above list. The big question is: who is going to lead the Red Tory faction within the present PC party and will it take over the existing PC party. If the Blue Tory faction in the PC party is as small as some people seem to think it is, then the left leaning votes will be split among the Liberals, the PCs, and the Alberta Party. The WAPs must be salivating a bit on this one.

This poll is incomplete and not representative of what political choices. A recent poll on Edmonton jOurnal actually included Dr. Raj sherman, IND. Dr. Sherman had the highest polling, at 22%, for the person who should likely replace Ed Stelmach. The first place was people wanting Klein back. The third place was Jim Prentic at 12.5% others ranked lower with Ted Morton at 5.9%.

In light of Dr. Sherman’s recent comments in the Edmonton Journal yesterday. His political stand for the future of Alberta are one of the most original and thoughful to date.

Dr. Raj Sherman for Premier! He will put Albertans first, not party loyalties and cronyism.

Sherman is fiscal AND humanitarian. A most originally defined stance, not seen before in Alberta Politics.

Please include Dr. Sherman in any future polls., as he is thinking of Albertans first and their future, not partisanship.

It is refreshing to see a candidate like Dr. Sherman, be his own man.

Further to my last comments. Dr. Sherman is the ONLY candidate that can lead from a multi-spectrum type of approach and bring all parties to the table to work together for solutions.

Alberta has never had a leader who has proposed such an idea to politically engage every party simultaneously, to solve societies problems.

I would put my money on Dr. Sherman to be the best leader that Alberta has had since Peter Lougheed!

Here is the Straw Vote in the ED Journal, indicating the strong support for Dr. Raj sherman for Premier:

Who should replace Ed Stelmach as leader of the Alberta Tories?

– 12% — Jim Dinning

– 8% -Doug Horner

– 4% -Thomas Lukaszuk

– 5% -Ted Morton

– 10% -Jim Prentice

– 7% -Alison Redford

– 23% -Raj Sherman

– 31% — Bring back Ralph

Total votes: 1,645

Sorry I made a mistake. I say that Doug Griffits or Ted Morton will emerge as next leader of the PC party, not Doug Horner,if I made that comment before. I will vote PC not Liberal nor Wildrose Alliance. I live in Edmonton Center.

Parties should be put first. People vote for a party first, and the party should take forward the agenda that the people voted for.

I see federal MP James Rajotte is mentioned in the Globe & Mail this morning as a potential candidate. I’d be interested to see how a young, intelligent conservative like that would do in a poll of this blog’s visitors.

Guys, why don’t we have a little fun and make either Carl Benito or Lindsay Blackett for Premier. I am sure if either lose, Carl will blame his wife, and Linsday may blame the gxys who don’t like his bill 44 stance.

Uninspired and unenlightened, the RW have only Danielle Smith and Ted Morton to offer, the choice is actually not that good for RW wing voters. It is best RW voters go for somebody that is both progressive AND fiscal.

I think the PC’s need to make someone more moderate, fiscally and socially, the next leader. As new as alot of the current PC’er MLA’s are, I think quite a few of them could help bring the party into a state of “unity”, and into the 21st century therefore, not the old, cranky, neo-con Ted Morton, please! The PC’s need to find the right balance of Progressive AND Conservative, which I really don’t believe Morton could ever offer (Can anyone say a Texan mess?), Lindsay Blackett, Alison Redford or Doug Griffiths could offer a more moderate solution, I think, or with Raj Sherman’s surging grassroots popularity, it would be a long shot, but he would be a great asset. Anyways, that’s my input, but personally, I wouldn’t want the PC’s to take Alberta again, lol.

@Edmonton Anthony,

I think Dr. Raj Sherman is the answer. Not even the great Doug Griffiths stood beside Raj Sherman when they booted him on the health issue, so we all know that all the rest of the PC MLA’s are political deadwood, in terms of willing to put the public first.

Again, where was doug on the health issue and privatization?….eerily silent, looking after his job first, not serving Albertans. That great education and philospophy degree obviously didn’t endow him with any courage or brains to be different and be his own man, Doug Griffiths has just shown himself to be another PC party loyalist and nothing more.

I wouldn’t put too much creedence on the polls. Reality will dicatate.

Doug Griffiths is more than welcome to debate the health issue as a PC MLA with Dr. Raj Sherman. I don’t believe any PC MLA has the bxlls yet to stand up and talk, but WRA danielle has the bxlls.

Again none of the ladies, including Doug Griffiths has the bxlls for a cage match debate with Dr. Sherman.

Enuff said. There are no men among the PC’s, just loyalist cowards, let that stand for the record.

Mar is blubering to himself. The rest are quoting from the ideas put forward by Doug Griffiths. The fact is there is no choice but Doug Griffiths, because these are the candidates and one will be Premier.
As far as debate with the Opposition, Doug would have them running like whipped pups.
Step up to the plate or shut up.

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