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alberta pc leadership poll.

There is no shortage of topics to write about this week, so as I work on a few bigger posts I have posted a poll on the sidebar of this blog asking the question:

Who should PC Party members vote to replace Premier Ed Stelmach in their upcoming leadership contest?

Who do you think?

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Morton. He’s their best bet to stem the bleeding from the right wing of the party and push back against the WRA.

Jim Prentice or Dave Hancock, unless Jim Dinning wants to give it another go.

Morton could potentially look like a desperate choice against the WRA, losing even more credibility to the PCs and would also give a huge boost to the centre and left-wing parties that want nothing to do with extreme social/fiscal conservatives.

Prentice is the only real “game changer,” assuming he even runs.
Morton is the likely front-runner but I suspect some of the things he supported during the last leadership race may come back to haunt him.

The PC Party in Alberta is like a diary cow with mad cow disease.
It does not matter which teat you pull to get milk, the cow is very sick and a danger to one’s health. So what ever leader they chose will still be running a party
that is long away from it’s best before date and illustrates paranoia, and uncertainty with every move it makes.
Ralph Klein said during the mad cow crisis that the farmer with the mad cow should have just shot, shovelled, and shut up!
I do not promote violence, but as to further governance by the PC Party, I wish they would just shut up!Their day is done, just gracefully leave office, and leave some of the Government Furniture behind.

Good one Bob. If you can indulge me, I would add: And don’t let the public doors of the legislature hit them on the backside as they depart.

I truly believe Jonathan Denis would make a perfect leader at this point. He brings a fresh, proven and skillful leadership perspective.

Ron Liepert! Please Ron Run! I’ll even give money for a run. BTW, why isn’t he on this list? We have to get him elected.

We need someone fresh without a lot of excess baggage that so many other contenders bring with them. Jonathan Denis is young, vibrant and in his short time in the legislature has proven his abilites.

Really, if you you look at the race, the PCs are left with either current MLAs that supported ALL of Stelmach’s misguided legislation or Gary “let me hand out $400,000 contracts to my friends” Marr or an obscure energy minister from the GETTY era. Sorry, PCs…you’ve definitely shown yourselves unworthy of my support

Ted Morton – right? I thought that in the last leadership race, but then he comes up with Alberta Land Stewardship Act that strips power from MD’s and more importantly, land rights from Albertans. ALSA is something Trudeau could have written. I think he is going to run in our riding, so even if wanted to stick with PC, I couldn’t possibly vote for him.

Doug Horner is obviously the best of the six candidates. With such strong policies and an unmatchable character, he blows the competition out of the water. Doug and Rose Horner have the integrity this province is looking for in a leader. Someone who understands not only politics, but Alberta and Albertans. Someone who can lead this province into another successful era. Go Horner Go!

I will vote Sept 17 for Rick Orman and Gary Mar on the first ballot. Gary Mar will probably win the leadership & next Premier of Alberta. Alberta does not need Ted Morton or Danielle Smith. They are too extreme right-wing social conservatives. Alberta needs a fiscal conservative. I live in Edmonton Center, formerly Liberal.

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