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alberta, you are beautiful.

Election night victories for Naheed Nenshi, Don Iveson, Stephen Mandel, Bill GivenMichael Janz, and Sarah Hoffman, among many others.

Calgary chooses Nenshi for Mayor

Election butterflies turn into Ward 10 landslide for Iveson

Finally we will move forward: Mandel

Youngest Mayor in Grande Prairie history

Public School Board shaken up

More later.

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Surprises were:
– how well Koziak did in Ward 2 against a well regarded incumbent
– how poorly Brendan van Alstine did in Ward 7 despite having starting campaigning more than a year ago. #toncat got several times van Alstine’s votes despite the fact #toncat is a former Alberta Alliance candidate who ran in an area that votes NDP provincially

How is it that we had to wait three hours for the final word on Krushell’s Ward 2 victory? I was an inside scrutineer for Ben Henderson, and I phoned in my poll’s results at about 8:05. Then, back at BH HQ, we had our own complete results for Ward 8 by around 8:30. I had a celebratory beer, some snacks, and was home by 9:30.

I recognize that the City website needs to take extra caution in publishing, but last night’s excruciating trickle of data is both inexplicable and indefensible.

Yeah, Alberta is beautiful. It would be even more beautiful if someone like Kyle Fawcett ( would shut up. I think I know why he doesn’t like Nenshi!

Same goes for Dave Rutherford and 630CHED. Yeah, Dave – you WERE “reading too much into” Nenshi being a muslim. It sounded really silly how you commented on Nenshi’s victory over two “deep campaigns run by conservatives” like somehow it is not natural for a non-white muslim to win and be the leader of “arguably the heart of conservatism in the west.”

Alberta would be picture-perfect if it wasn’t for ugly blemishes like Fawcett and Rutherford.

The results do suggest that neither Edmontonians nor Calgarians fit the conservative stereotype of Alberta, at least when party labels are not on full display. And urban politics is important, but the truth is that good ideas within municipalities and school boards are easily crushed if the province won’t support them.

So the question becomes: how can progressives work together to achieve provincially what they seem to be able to achieve municipally?

I purposely listened to the 77 station in Calgary on election day afternoon, and the Adler-Levant show came on discussing the threat of Sharia Law coming into Canada. This was interspersed with ads from the winning candidate for mayor. Others may have tried to discourage Naheed Nenshi, but luckily they didn’t manage to sway the minds of voters.

Hey you wanna be moron. They don’t run under a party banner in civic politics. If your going to try and discredit somebody at least do your homework so you don’t come off like some kind of idiot, oh sorry you can’t help it. Spoken like a true PC blind follower, WRA scares the hell out of you and you have to run around doing damage control like your leader, uh um ah um Ed ah um ah um Stelmach ah um ah um.

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