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landowners opposition to transmission lines heats up vegreville.

“Don’t you come into my living room and piss on my rug.”
President Lyndon Johnson to Prime Minister Lester Pearson

I am not sure if Premier Ed Stelmach will feel the same way as President Johnson, but criticism from the leaders of the three main opposition parties might elicit a similar reaction after tomorrow night’s open forum in Vegreville. The growing backlash from rural landowners over the provincial government-supported expansion of electrical transmission lines is an explosive issue that that rural Tories have slowly become more acutely aware of in recent years. The opposition party leaders certainly want some face-time with these groups that have grown independently of the opposition in the Legislative Assembly. It will be very interesting to see what kind of crowd is drawn in this area that voted overwhelmingly for the Premier in the last election.

Political watchers may note the contact name for this event. Shayne Saskiw is the former VP Policy & Resolutions who joined the Wildrose Alliance in January 2010. When contacted via email, Mr. Saskiw told this blogger that “while I am involved with the WAP, this is not a WAP-sponsored event as we have members from all 4 political parties attending and I am merely a member of one of the subcommittees (legal).”

As of last night, the organizers have not received a confirmation of attendance from the Premier or any government designate.

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Is it a coincidence that Shayne Saskiw, someone who wants to run for the Wildrose, is also the contact person for VALTOA?

This type of political games gets the Wildrose nowhere.

Bottom line is, we the public will be funding the infastructure for private companies to make billions in profits while we suffer huge increases to our power bills. This is another “gift” from the PC government to their corporate friends at our expense. The question is hoe much are Ed and the boys sticking in their pockets from this?

This government needs to be investigated criminally.

So, I was there, along with about 700 other folks, most of them landowners directly affected by this line. And most of them constituents of Ed Stelmach, he is their MLA. Oh, he wasn’t there, by the way, to answer to any of the excellent points that were raised.

Brian Mason, Danielle Smith, David Swann and Edwin Erickson of the Alberta Party all made excellent points about the undemocratic processes that this government has used to put these pieces of legislation in place that essentially remove landowner and property rights, and the public interest in favor of the interest of their big electricity contributers, and pipeline donors, and oil and gas friends.

This process isn’t just being used in this transmission line issue. Every piece of legislation that has been passed by this government has used the same undemocratic process of making the decision, then telling us what it is, calling that “public consultation” and then ramming it through with the voting puppets.

Bill 19, Bill 36, Bill44, the giant health board, the 34% raises have all be forced on us by this process. This fall, legislation surrounding the marketing of our water will be presented,using the same process where we have had absolutely no input.

Its time to wake up, Alberta. We are losing more of our democratic rights every day this government is in control.

Has anyone stopped to wonder why taxpayers are funding coal fired elctricity? Once these transmission lines are built, we will be committed to coal for the next 50 years. Do you not think this may be their last kick at the can?

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