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It is demonizing and loose with the facts, but I cannot help but admire the sophistication and professional branding behind the most recent anti-oilsands campaign to come out of California.

Tourism, Parks, and Recreation Minister Cindy Ady has responded to the advertisement on the YourAlberta blog.

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I’m not sure at what point it seemed like a good solution to the United States problem to make a Canadian province look dirty. I’m pretty sure if a Canadian Ethics borad went on a “lets blame someone else for our mistakes” binge we could dig up an entire hour long video on why to boycott your state.

And even if Alberta’s oil is “dirty” like you say, which its not. At least our oil didn’t accidentally cause the greatest oil spill in … how many years again?
Maybe California should stop pointing fingers and fix their mistakes instead of trying to get people to focus on something other then the disaster they got themselves into

I agree Dave… ballsy. I wonder where the money came from, too… but no matter where it came from, it seems to balance the money spent on the squeaky-clean images oil money puts into advertising.

Very slick (if you’ll excuse the slimy pun).

Thanks, Adam. It wasn’t my intention to promote the Rethink Alberta site, just to give a link so readers of this blog could check it out for themselves. Thanks for the “nofollow” html link.

– Dave

I was looking for Iraq when answering first question but it was not among the answers.

If you consider bird feather dirty how about people’s blood? I wonder these idiots at PETA or Pamela Anderson were behind this.

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