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danielle smith walks into an air hangar…

Tell me if you’ve heard this one… Danielle Smith, Hugh MacDonald, Brian Mason, and Doug Elniski walk into an air hangar…

The silliness of summer has reached a new height this week. Mayor Stephen Mandel had some tough words for Wildrose leader Ms. Smith yesterday as she declared her four… err… three MLA caucus support for the group collecting signatures for the City Centre Airport petition. Mayor Mandel made it clear that he did not appreciate the Wildroses intrusion into a debate that has become highly passionate among a disgruntled section of Edmonton’s business community. One Calgary columnist accused the Mayor of Calgary-bashing, but it is much more nuanced than that.

Why would Ms. Smith wade into this issue? Might it be a genuine desire to see Edmontonians vote on the airport issue? With no local MLAs and second or third place support in the City of Edmonton (according to most polls), it could also be a political power play. With all but one PC MLA silent on the issue, Ms. Smith could be looking to draw in the support of that disgruntled (and largely conservative) crowd who might not be happy that their newly elected PC MLAs are silently enjoying their summer vacations.

While Ms. Smith’s endorsement made headlines, barely anyone has noticed the motley crew of three local MLAs who have peeped up with opinions on the issue. First-term backbencher Mr. Elniski, anti-establishment hound Liberal MLA Mr. MacDonald, and NDP leader Mr. Mason are the only MLAs to speak publicly in favour of the airport petition. I have heard from a number of sources that PC MLAs have been told to steer clear from this potentially dangerous debate, with the exception of Mr. Elniski whose Edmonton-Calder constituency encompasses the airport.

In 2004, a group of PC MLAs became entangled in a nasty quarrel with City Council over the move of scheduled 10-seat flights from Calgary and Lethbridge to the International Airport. That quarel is considered by many people to be one of the factors that led to a Liberal sweep of Edmonton in the November 2004 election.

During that quarrel, then-Councillor Mandel had some harsh words when now former PC MLAs Mark Norris and Brent Rathegeber sided against the City:

“Enough is enough. There gets to be a point where you have to ask, ‘Can Edmonton make a decision without someone interfering in it?’ ” Mandel said.

“Because another city complains, we have to change things. Let’s hear Calgary complaining, and then I’m sure will have to reinstitute those flights. I think it’s absolutely unacceptable that the city of Edmonton has to play second fiddle to anyone.”

SOURCE: Stay out of it, mayor tells the province, Keith Gerein and Kelly Cryderman. Edmonton Journal. Edmonton, Alta.: Jul 27, 2004. pg. B.1

Less than three months after making this statement, Councillor Mandel was elected Mayor.

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it is about time somebody kicked mandel in the nuts…… started with the legion off whyte ave and the building they gave away to YESS…now they have to bail them out for their party centeral drop-in centre…….its never ending with this nut job…..OVERHAUL THE HALL THIS FALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Good posting, Daveberta. Watch out, though. If you keep employing actual analysis in your pieces, Don Braid may come after you, after he’s finished with Edmonton.

This is a municipal issue. City councillors voted democratically for a phased closure over an long period of time. The old money behind envision Edmonton wanted more more more. The city centre airport is not my airport. Shut it down and do the smart thing by moving general aviation to the four other airports in the region. City centre has no room to expand and has no feasible business plan. Shut it down and save taxpayers money.

No room to expand? NO ROOM TO EXPAND? Someday, just someday, walk or bike from the Legislative Building to the City Centre Airport, and find a single route where you don’t pass derelict buildings, abandoned lots, or just plain unused space.

You can’t. The area around downtown is littered with empty husks of buildings, boarded up warehouses and weed-infested grassland.

the problem here is mandel’s vision of the young yuppy urbanitte sitting on 104st and 101ave drinking latte’s and texting is messed up………when in fact you have an inner city full of homeless bums and drug addicts who CHOOSE that lifestyle and a bunch of 22 year olds running around shooting and stabbing each other………you’re a spoiled generation of disrespectfull turds……gimme…..gimmee…..gimmee….its my right …its my right .my rights ….my rights… family fought in both wars so you little turds have the rights you have……yet mandel kicks the legion in the nuts for YESS, who allready had an old hospital , yet they needed a drop-in centre just off whyte ave. then taxpayers had to kick in several millions to bail them out……they said donations were down because of the recession ……NO, it was all the vets givin them a kick in the nuts………just as it should be………only about 10% of young people are any good…..the rest are doing to much “E” , smoking pot. meth oh and the crack.oh and don’t forget the binge drinkin , public urination, vandalism,stupid driving …….they cannot determine what is real and what is hollywood……[nait students association]….nait is closing courses ………the little turds speak…one only wishes a 20 pound of frozen turd falls from the sky and lands on their heads……..a lot of young kids need a boot up their ass…..not to hard though, all their brains would leak out….it is a respect issue… far the 20 somethings are all ADD, ADHD violent drunk drug addicts………..just come to my neighborhood during capitol EX and see the generation mandel is speaking for……remember he is proud of all of you. now put your pecker back in your pants and stop pissing in front of the kids…….now it is the cool thing to go to jail or be a gangster………ya right!

Wow. Stay classy there, taxpayer ward 2.

In other news, I voted for 2 City Councilors, who, as members of City Council, hosted a series of town halls and received a gigantic stack of letters and otherwise participated in a rather exruciatingly transparent process around the decision on the future of the ECCA. Then they voted to close it.

The fact that Envision Edmonton doesn’t like the result doesn’t make it undemocratic.

The fact that Danielle Smith missed the part where this decision was made a year ago because she was busy running for her current job doesn’t make the process rushed.

I really hope I don’t see this issue on the ballot. The decision’s made, and it was made properly. End of story.

And FACLV would you propose tearing down the Yellowhead highway, the RCMP K division headquarters, NAIT, and the brand new AMA building that surround the airport. Have pride in Edmonton. Lots of new growth around that area in the past 10 years. The area around the city centre airport is built up. It has no room to expand. It makes better economic and business sense to move the general aviation services to the regional airports that have room to grow. Edmonton has outgrown the muni. Time to shut it down. Charles Allard’s sentimentality is costing Edmontonians tax dollars every day that airport stays open. Shut it down.

i guess the message is this is part of a larger issue. it is one of maney bad choices by mandel and his crew…….legion buiding, re-branding of a hundred year tradition [klondike days] which is now just a big party for the 20 somethings ……one only has to look at the crime during the EX in the neighborhoods around northlands to see that…nothing can be had at northlands for under 100.00…we all know about the gut grenades they sell there…………look at the crumbling roads around edmonton and they want to bid on the 2017 games…i still have a gravel alleyway with no lights and potholes on my block……..mandel voted to cut the indy advertizing budget by 50% this year………we still sell crack pipes to kids in edmonton…….look at all the derelict properties in the downtown core……….all the decent famlies went to heritage festival and all the shitbirds came to the capitol EX……B/E’s..shooting….. vandalism…public urination in front of young kids. and it goes on and on……this is the generation that council is catering to…..kershell told me that herself……..they don’t raid gardens anymore they smoke crack and drink then go looking for a fights…..everybody is fair game from the 93 year olds all the way down to the small kids……..all that my family has fought for in this country is about to go down the toilet……….the greatest generation in canadian history..the sod busters and city slickers who grew up in the great depression and came of age in time to go to war.and they did and they died……for canada……….and the kids repay them by pissing on the national war memorial……..this is the generation of gimmee what i want or i’ll just sell drugs or pimp out my sister to pay for my BMW……..screw the critically injured person or the heart transplant going to the UofA hospital….nait students union has the balls to come out and lobby council to close the muni [ in the best interest of the students]..all from a trade school who by the way trains some of the finest paramedics in the country….gimmee….gimmee……gimmee……all right which one of you little turds is doing kim kershell?………….

Apparently your family did not fight for grammar, spelling and punctuation…but if you’re serious about buying that Beemer, send me a photo of your sis and we’ll talk.

progress is one thing , but remember steve mandel’s former life was a land developer!…i have spoken to dr duckett who told me they are building a new runway at the EIA and a holding clinic for NON emergency hospital transfers BUT THERE IS NO PLAN FOR CRITICAL CARE patient transports………the mazankowski heart institute transplant head is on record as saying closing the muni is a blow to his program………kim kershell told me that after the 92 vote bruce tomm signed a lease agreement with EIA and the royal bank insisted on a clause when EIA recieved a billion dollar loan that the city of edmonton would be on the hook for all losses until 2052 if the muni created competition for the EIA…so quit feeding the public BS..buddy…now steve has his panties in a knot because other levels of government are questioning councils back room deals……put it to a vote!…we all know the kids cann’t find their way to the polling stations………i am born and raised in edmonton and my family is buried here other than that i hate it …why do you think all the little towns around here have done so well nobody wants to live here .i see why……..

hey broken wing, did you get hit by a falling piece of frozen turd from the sky?…just another yuppy turd……..i speak the truth.if all you got is my grammer and spelling i can live with that. it is obvious to me that you are a yuppy wanna be and don’t have a clue . do you?…….do you know all the words to the national anthem? on what day did the calgery regiment loose 5000 men in 5 hours . what year did the current canadian flag come into being and what flag was used before that.? please quit playing with yourself like that, didn’t your mother tell you you’ll go blind!….when was the last time you smoked pot or did “E” buddy …….like andre darminin , do you have constant buzzing in your ears… your ADHD acting up ?..or is it the sound of all those little planes flying around…………

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I agree with ward 2 taxpayer. I am a working person and somebody needs to stand up for us against the hidden agenda of Steven mandel. The airport is the last straw against Mandels pro-arts pro-hippy agenda of brunging more ontarians and homosexuals to Edmonton. Let’s fight with Danielle Smith for the airport!!! Sign Envision Edmontons petition!

you know what they say….if you are not smart enough to get your degree in law, medicine or, engineering then you go for the ARTS DEGREE…………………….or go to NAIT…………

I tried hanging my jacket on an air hanger, but it kept falling down.

I think you mean “hangar”.

Don’t let your spelling sink to the level of “taxpayer ward 2”, or you will get the same level of respect.

Edmonton is crazy to close the airport. Great cities like Toronto and Montreal have secondary inner city airports. Leduc’s airport is too far. This is why Edmonton opposes high speed rail, because everyone would abandon leduc’s airport because it is so inconvenient. Mandel is just playing petty politics trying to make himself look like the defender of Edmonton. Closing the city center airport will cost Edmonton jobs. Watch enbridge move more people to Calgary.

right back at you …….there is a reason you are at large buddy….if my spelling is the best you can come up with i can live with that……….you must go to NAIT as well EH………….i really do not need your respect buddy, i do not give a shit!…..however it really pisses me off that a bunch of eastern bums from ontario have spread their seeds to western canada………andre darminin for one……….sure got balls behind your computer buddy…….do that for a living?……..patient care at the muni is the only issue here………so get back in that pinto and go back to toronto…we do not want your kind here in alberta……….remember where that gas comes from ya bum!……….you need a boot up your ass but then again if i did that all your brains would leak out…… you see what we are up against here people!……….my rights….my rights…….my rights….gimmee…gimmee…..gimmee……..

Thanks for all the comments and the interesting debate…

CoL: Thanks for the correction. It has been fixed.

FACLC: I agree that there is a lot of empty parking lot space and derelict building lots in the core that need to be infilled. I’m not sure how this would help the expansion of the City Centre Airport though. ‘Alberta bound’ has a point that the airport is pretty boxed in with the aforementioned buildings plus Kingsway Mall to the south. There really isn’t much room for expansion.

I am also skeptical of the a points I have heard raised from Envision Edmonton about medivac at the City Centre. Duncan Kinney appears to have asked the right questions and done the math:

I asked a couple of questions. One was about the amount of medevac flights in comparison to the total amount of traffic. The response was 3,000 flights out of a total of 80,000 flights over a year. Of those 3000 about 10% of those flights are time-sensitive, that is, the patient is not stable. That’s 0.375% of all total flights or around 300 people a year. Keep that in mind the next time you hear the pro-airport side mention the medevac argument.

On a general note, please keep it clean in the comment section. Let’s have a civil debate. I don’t like having to delete comments.


dr duckette suggested a helicoptr will be hired and on stand by at the EIA for the critical care transports. the figures you refer to are fixed wing flights , the trips STARS can not do ….then you have the transplant organs………..add those numbers to the mix……….i have 16 years in prehospital care in this city…before a brain injury ended it for me……….when the medical community says no then they mean no……it WILL cost lives! the system has been in place for maney years and worked well . now is not the time for this closure, later when the city has NO more room to be had THEN say good bye …..NOT NOW……….it will be easier to fly patients to calgary than to set down in edmonton, you’ll see.the heart institute and the hospitals in the edmonton area will stop seeing these type of patients.mandels vision is flawed sir…and he says get over it…..overhaul the hall this fall!…lets dump him like he dumped edmonton EMS! world class leader to being DUMPED on the province………….

helicopter transport is only a small fraction of the medivac flights. so to add 1 hour for non urgent flights to 20 minutes for critical care transports non -helicopter is unacceptable . the alberta tax payers will pay a billion or so building a new runway and holding clinic at the EIA ……you all will be responsible for the demise of critical care in edmonton. the medical community is allready on record disapproving of this closure or constriction of critical care flow to the hospitals. the hyperbarric chamber at the misc services all northern alberta and BC….you watch , these patients will end up in calgary……….these types of calls fall between the critical and non urgent, to delay is death you watch. you are all quick to follow mandel , who singlehandedly destroyed a once world class leader in EMS. to fight with the government to take over the service for years. you are all like a bunch of yuppy sheep being led to the kosher house.he will blame everybody but himself when the time comes. if i was the first nations in northern alberta i would be starting a class action suit against the city of edmonton for restricting critical care……..maybe any first nations people out there who would like to speak up now is your chance……….

FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE SPEAK UP !…….with the closure or restrictions to the flow of critical care patients coming to edmonton it will affect your members. i worked 16 years in edmonton EMS and have fought a tough battle for patients including first nations people. there should be no barriers for your members to recieve medical care when you need it. with the closure of the muni there will be a delay of 1 hour for non urgent to 30 minutes for critical care patients.alberta health will build a new runway and a HOLDING CLINIC for non urgent patients at the EIA. there is NO PLAN FOR CRITICAL CARE patients.[ from doctor duckett] EXTRA HELICOPTER RIDE [ if it is not on a call]. call the mayors office at 780-496-8100 or kim kershell at 780-496-8136 to voice your concerns . i can speak out because i am retired because of a brain injury , but i am educated to this issue with 16 years of experience working on the ambulance. mandel will singlehandly destroy critical care in edmonton just watch and see. patients coming to the hyperbaric chamber at the MISC will fly right on through to calgary, just watch. mandel has fought for years with the provincal government to take over EMS. edmonton went from a world class EMS service to being DUMPED on the province.FIRST NATIONS SPEAK UP! ……..

once upon a time long ago in a different edomnton the police chief stated to the press the reason edmontons homicide rate was so low was the fact the ambulance service was saving more lives, clinical trials for the edmonton protacol were done by edmonton ambulance…..then came screamin jan , smilin tire salesman bill and now this land developig bum . from the top to being DUMPED ON THE .PROVINCE…….steve mandel has a history with sick people just look at the sickos he has now to work with…….overhaul the hall this fall!!!!!

from a world class EMS service to being dumped on the province mandel has pressured the government for years to take over the service. in calgary , city hall stood behind their EMS but the city of edmonton treated it’s employee’s as liaibilities rather than asset’s, even though they spent thousands to train each member. when the medical community stepped up and defended the service city hall fought with vigor to be rid of the i say poopoo on you steve, you have a checkered past with the sick and injured in this city. you bet i will be contacting the first nations people throughout western canada………..

before you unimformed speak out on an issue request a ride-along on an ambulance to see just how the muni fits in th prehospital system. the medical workers will not speak out because of privicy issues . i can and i will. daveberta take a ride before you spout off.on macmaster blog it quite obvious the descrimination being sent to northern albertans by the city and the residents. any choking of the system will effect the patients outcome. you listen to the spin doctors of mandel’s …you should go talk to your family doctor first before you spout off buddy. some of you are allready ready to divy up the land , typical yuppy from toronto living in edmonton. you all couldn’t make it in ontario so you come here to screw albertans…thats clear on other blogs andre darminin is one.your generation is the worst canada has seen in decades and will be the death of canada. do you pick your nose and text at the same time you are must look before you flush too! i bet you don’t wash your hands either…do you have a real job or do you just blog

One thing that I’ve heard mentioned a few times is how much space downtown is being occupied by derelict buildings and parking lots, and that with this amount of space downtown there’s no reason to turn the airport into another community.

The problem with downtown is the City does not own any of that land, whereas the airport presents a unique opportunity for the City to develop a unified urban community from scratch.
Sure, there is a lot of land downtown, but it is privately held, and there isn’t much the City can do about it. Those parking lots bring their owners huge amounts of revenue at very little cost, so they have no incentive to develop them into something else. Empty and derelict buildings cost money to redevelop, so it’s often in a landowners best interest to either let them sit empty and use the fact that they aren’t receiving income from them as a tax write off, or to just hope someone comes along and rents it.

you sound like a land developer, are you a friend of mandel’s……who will pay for the enviormental cleanup at the muni , the province , the tax payers of alberta not edmonton . how maney of those run down buildings do you own buddy or do you just camp on the lot

what the city needs to do is put a bylaw in place to force development or taxes go way up….we still sell crack pipes to our children in this city for gods sake…….mandel is missing the point in the redevelopment of the downtown core………but he has family and friends that make loads of money from land development…………..he lies, he does backroom deals , he reminds me of a little rat..with his panties all in a knot,huffing and puffing yet he jumped on that plane to fort mac. i know because i put up with his body odor for the duration ….wow what a stink…………..oh and no wonder nobody rents from you charge 4 times what the hole is worth…………learn that from mandel did ya!……..

I never intended to mean the airport should be expanding: it can be a valuable regional transport hub with regularly scheduled commercial flights as is with only minimal terminal renovations.

I thought Alberta Bound was talking about the actual city centre. And Iveson’s enviro-weenie pipe-dream minicity has lots of areas near downtown it can be built without the requirement of closing the airport.

On inews880 this morning, Ed Schlemko from Envision says: “they’d like to expand service at the City Centre Airport. Specifically, by getting rid of the cap that impacts 19 seat aircraft.”

The cat’s out of the bag. Envision clearly wants to push an agenda for returning scheduled service to the City Center Airport. Even though 77% of Edmontonians voted against this in 1995. Shameful.

Don’t these people care about democracy? And if they succeed, taxpayers will be on the hook for all the upgrades and lawsuits from WestJet and Air Canada, just to keep their hobby airport.

Dave, I think you’ve got a better understanding of the politics in Edmonton and Alberta than to suggest that people in Edmonton voted out a swath of PC MLAs in 2004 because a couple of them stood up for the City Centre Airport. A much more plausible set of causes include an uninspiring campaign effort from then-Premier Klein and, in a few cases, some less-than-active local campaigns from sitting MLAs.

And I think MattR needs to learn a bit more about the airline industry. Even if City Centre were to allow full scheduled service with aircraft seating up to 19 passengers, Air Canada and WestJet won’t be crying fowl because the markets you open up with those airplanes are not markets that either AC or WS can serve or want to serve under their business model. A 19-seat Jetstream 31 doesn’t compete against a Boeing 737 and it doesn’t open up a market that can be served with an Airbus A320 or even a Bombardier CRJ. The 19 seaters open new markets, they don’t undercut existing ones.

it is obvious from reading this blog , we are dealing with the worst generation in canadian history…..we fought , we died , we opened your arms and what did we get …..youth pissing on the national war memorial!…mandels record speaks for its self……kicks the legion in the nuts over YESS and their drop-in centre on whyte ave……rebranding a 100 year tradition called K-DAYS… to reduce the INDY advertizing budget by 50%this year………..having the graders go all winter so the kids can still speed around texting while they drive………..all the empty lots and empty office towers in the downtown core……gimmee..gimmee….gimmee….my right .my right….my right….the 2017 games ……i still have a gravel alley way with no lights and potholes on my street…..we still sell crack pipes to the kids here in edmonton!…….i don’t trust anything that comes from that little vermins mouth….i wonder how much money is going into mandel’s pocket on this deal or his family or friends…..don’t forget he was a land developer before becoming mayor…….you people are kosher little piggies on the way to the dinner table…….overhaul the hall this fall!

Blake: I believe that in addition to the Progressive Conservatives running a campaign devoid of substance or ideas, the City Centre Airport quarrel was seen as one of the factors which contributed to the defeat of 8 or so PC MLAs in Edmonton in 2004.

Other issues included Premier Klein’s AISH comments, the loss of one of Edmonton’s constituencies in the redistribution (with PC MLAs staying quiet), and the famous “are you calling me a liar” exchange between Premier Klein and Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman.

Also, does Envision Edmonton plan to collect signatures to hold another plebiscite during the 2013 election to bring scheduled service back to the City Centre Airport?

now now daveberta don’t get your panties in a knot.don’t be bitter reconsider! is a power struggle between generations, the problem is this generation is so out to lunch with ADD, ADHD. they make poor choices and do not listen. look at edmonton and how far it has gone into the toilet in the last 15 years or so…from a city of champs to a city full of crackheads! you like to drop that grenade and step aside to see what happens, some times just some times you get a face full of shrapnel………

Envision Edmonton should hold that if the airport is closed. There’s no reason to close the airport, period.

Actually I disagree with daveberta on that one. I voted for Ralph Klein in 2004 because of the “calling me a liar” comments – Blakeman was out of line with her faux prosecution like that.

But most of all, Klein was right on the money with the comments on AISH recipients. How much do we have to pay? He led the debate on this issue much like Danielle Smith is leading the city centre airport debate today.

Ward 1 taxpayer: I suggest you read Kevin Taft’s account of the meeting in Democracy Derailed. If my memory serves me correctly it went something like this: After the PC’s on the Accountability Committee floated Mr-Premier-what’s-it-like-to-lead-the-greatest-province-in-Canada type questions for most of the meeting, the opposition members actually had the gall to ask the Premier to submit some receipts. It should be noted that the purpose of this regularly scheduled accountability committee meeting is to hold the government dept in question (in this case the department was the Premiers Office) accountable. I realize this is a radical concept in a one-party province, but try and get your head around the idea that even the Premier needs to account to the Legislature. It’s called democracy.

Unfortunately Premier of the day, pumped up to the gills by the PC sycophants, could not fathom the concept. He’s responded like a petulant 3 year old. I hear he’s doing game shows now.

hey wayne i see you sprouted some balls buddy!..i would be happy to put my proud canadian boot up your ass, maybe stir things up in there. do you even know what we are talking about?….what mac’s store do you work at ?.you are a big man calling me names over the net.sticks and stones ,is better than DICKS and STONERS as your generation is known as.buddy..ha ha ha ha ha ha.the problem is you little turds are so used to texting each other you forgot how to think or speak to another human being……gimmee.gimmee… right…my right….do you see what we are up against here people

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actually wayne, i think i’m doing ok , in 2005 a couple of crackheads broke into my home and tried to rob me with a gun, but i fought back and took a round to the head….one of them killed himself and the other one is in jail.and after 7 months in hospital i started life over again so what is your story buddy?…….i see right through this bullshit that’s flying around here and it is my right to speak out !……..sometimes the truth hurts wayne.

Interesting find Broken Winged Swann.
So taxpayer ward 2 aka Malcom Bisset(he used his real name a couple times on Mastermaqs blog) forgot to mention a few things in his tirades about how he was beat up by crackheads and how crackheads and the younger generation are ruining our society.

It seems he forgot to mention based on the aforementioned article and others that he allegedly took a $15,000 payment from these “crackheads” in exchange for arranging a hit on someone and that these “crackheads” were alleged to be known associates of his. Funny how he just happened to be wearing a bullet proof vest when these “crackheads” broke into his home.

Yet it’s the younger generations that are ruining society according to him.

hey marko , as it is your right to be a little turd in this country it is my right to rant at you little FU—ERS. i see the meth had you up trying to get the skinny on me. you are wrong and if i was this mr bisset i would sue your little ass and make you pay me monthly well after you graduate from NAIT. i do not know this mr bisset , but after reading that artical i would be worried about him putting a boot up my ass. he sounds like a tough son of a bitch to me and I would not use his name in vain! so you know what i got from that artical marko, don’t play with guns. and if you pull a gun out the other guy might take it away from you and knock your teeth out with is good i am getting under your skin and you really hate me and that is good! just think for yourselves and don’t be a bunch of sheep .all i have read from you little kids on this blog is gimmee, gimmee gimmee, my right , my right , my right…….you little turds bring it all on yourselves! and you are so wrapped up in yourselves you can’t see know nothing marko and wayne. hey can you even play chess or did you have to bling it?…….you flatter me kids ……..ha ha ha ha ha i’d really like to meet this malcolm bisset! sounds like he could tell a story.but I would not be pissing him off though.then again that’s just me and i’m not as stupid as you. now we’re talkin dumber than picket fence here marko. how are your marks? marko , you and wayne doin all nighters on that meth . you have to get off the pipe buddy. as for you broken chicken…ha ha ha ha you are delightfully insane , again anybody that would get shot in the head and survive to testify agaist the guy and them use his real name with you little turds is a tough son a bitch. see if i scoured the files of the NAIT students union files i could find how many marko’s at nait or waynes or brokenswans, probably with the screendoors………it sure sounds like this guy fought for his life instead of pissing his pants like all you little kids would. before you bring any other person in this, children do your home work….now go to your room and quit playing with yourself like that .did’t your mom tell you ,you’ll go blind doin that marko………..

hey skeptic, you up yet i know its not noon, ,you should be up ready for class. i read the artical again regading mr. bisset and does not mention any little crackheads, it does mention guns and money though. it also says that when mr.bisset showed them the door they tried to kill him. not that i am condoning what he did ,it says in the end nothing happened . it mentions nothing about crackheads? so before you disrespect people…..why don’t you bling, langdon 2008 home invasion………brokenswann they call that prematuure eja……..ha ha ha nice try though. as for mr.bisset i do not condone what he did or may not have done but at the end of the day no harm came to anyone. now the crown did refer to him as the type of person you would go to, so why would you try and bring him to this knowing that. i want no part of that so get your story straight before you put someone’s name out there you little turd. again you kids just made MY POINT FOR ME…THANKS you kids run off half cocked and you feel that you beat me! do you really think i give a shit what you little turds think of me, i don’t or anybody else for that matters! and now that the national post is printing stories it is slowly coming out. all of mandel’s backroom orges with jane and al , who by the way is a convicted criminal, [drunk driving conviction after a city function ] then again all you little shits drive drunk, picking your girlfriend’s nose, while texting………

I have admired Danielle Smith from the start and intend to cast my vote for the Wildrose Alliance next provincial election, but her comments about the airport are simply boneheaded. I’m fear the Edmonton Journal nailed it in their editorial this week – the Wildrose is counting on getting enough support from Calgary and from rural areas that Edmonton doesn’t matter to them. Whether the airport should be kept open or not is not the issue here – the issue is a provincial politicial not just making a passing comment about a fundamentally municipal issue, but jumping in with both feet on one side of the issue. That is appalling and don’t tell me she’s entitled because she owns a condo here and because there are “provincial” aspects to the debate. Danielle may own a condo here, but she sure as heck ain’t a resident. Whatever “provincial” aspects there might be, they don’t add up to enough of a consideration to warrant anything other than a “I personally hope it stays open/closes” from a provincial politician.

That Danielle perhaps understood she leaped before she looked is evidenced by the half-hearted/half-assed justification editorial she wrote to the Journal yesterday. Obviously Mandel’s criticism that she didn’t do her due diligence on the issue hit home – in her editorial, she made clear that she only reviewed the proceedings held prior to Edmonton city council’s 10 -3 vote in favour of closure AFTER Mandel said she knew nothing about the public proceedings that took place prior to the vote. Danielle also has adopted the bogus Envision Edmonton line that Edmontonian’s “voted twice to keep it open” – er, no, we voted to have one airport for passenger traffic – the International – with the absolute, irrefutable understanding that consolidation of passenger service at the International would inevitably lead to the CLOSURE of the municipal in due course. Well, due course has come and go and there is no substantive case to be made – medivac/economic boost/”lease payout” costs/environmental reclamation – that comes close to meeting the case for closure.

At the core of Envision Edmonton are the handful of businesses with vested economic interests in keeping the municipal airport open. I’m a big supporter of local small businesses but I’m sorry – you’ve had 15 years to prepare for the airport to be closed, so if you haven’t taken steps by now to deal with the day you knew was coming, you really shouldn’t be in business.

As for Danielle, if she has the political smarts that I believe she has, she’ll already be figuring out a way to make up for this stupid and unnecessary affront to the capital city of the province she hopes to lead.

all from a real estate developer named mandell, you a family friend buddy? you sound like a developer, just waiting in the wings to make money from this deal.

Danielle also has adopted the bogus Envision Edmonton line that Edmontonian’s “voted twice to keep it open” – er, no, we voted to have one airport for passenger traffic – the International – with the absolute, irrefutable understanding that consolidation of passenger service at the International would inevitably lead to the CLOSURE of the municipal in due course.

Wrong. In the 1995 plebiscite, the pro-consolidation side specifically made their case with the promise that the ECCA would still remain open as a general service aiport. According to one source I found, it even said that right on the ballot.

It is unfortunate that Edmonton is again being sacrificed for the rest of the province. The only reason Danielle entered the fray was to garner the vote from the north. She is counting on the South and North vote to try and win the election. Everyone in Edmonton should be very concerned as she will do everything in her power to benefit Calgary. Has anyone looked into who is funding her? What vested interest do they have? It is amazing that we fight over an airport issue while the folks down south are passing us by on the big issues.

this is like the ‘AVERO AERO STORY’, it wiil go into the history books as another blunder by the real estate developer turned crooked mayor steven mandel and a bunch of bedwetters at city kates will have his turn with the city of edmonton , and you watch he will pull the team if he does not get his way. who do you think is funding mandel’s election bid? i wounder how this closure fits with the so called new arena and high rise. all you na sayers be carful or steve [like they did in toronto] will hire caterina to come and kiil you. if edmonton lets these idiots in city hall get away with this , then you all deserve each other. we need a good picture of mandel picking his nose and eating it!or him coming out of a hotel room with jane batty. [national post investigation] or maybe steve leaving a motel room with al [ you know the convicted criminal working as city manager for steve at the time]

[I]Wrong. In the 1995 plebiscite, the pro-consolidation side specifically made their case with the promise that the ECCA would still remain open as a general service aiport. According to one source I found, it even said that right on the ballot.[/I]
I don’t dispute what the ballot said – my point was that, irrespective of what the ballot said, there was never any understanding or expectation or acceptance that it would “remain open as a general service airport” into perpetuity. I voted in the 1995 plebescite and I remember that there was extensive and lengthy discussion about the long term prospects of the municipal airport in the event the “consolidation” side won and it was fully understood by everyone that, with no passenger service, the municipal airport’s days were numbered. There is simply no substantive argument to be made that the best and highest use of the tens of millions of public dollars it costs to operate the municipal airport on an annual basis is to shave 5 minutes off a 3 hour medivac flight, save Calgary businessmen (and provincial politicians like Smith) a 20 minute commute downtown and provide the opportunity for novice pilots to practice over Edmonton neighbourhoods instead of open fields.

great balls of wire……….try 30 minutes in critical situations and 60 minutes for non emerency. just look through the inner city , all the empty lots , and along 107 th ave , and it goes on and on. the city has many other options for steve to make realestate development money. he does own property near the muni. now kates will have his way with steve, now that there is no height restrictions on new construction. admit it mandel is JAFRD ! …………….

i don’t mind getting screwed but mandel should at least give us the courtesy of a reach around! i see his friends are building a hotel at the EIA and needed the muni closed [competition clause ]for his famlies financing . he should move back to gazza and there is lots of land to develop there ! but we are stuck with him making millions for himself and his family i say overhaul the hall this fall. mandel gibbons caterina kershell batty all of the crooks need the boot!

Someone should check into the Proposed CONDO deal to be built on the Municipal Airport Site.Potentially Mayor Mandell has a Financial Interest in It.Would’nt surprise me in the least,in bed with the PC’s,nice and close.

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