new kids on the political block.

The Alberta Party's Chima Nkemdirim, moderator Nicole Martel, and Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith.

Intervivos organized a great event this evening at the Billiards Club on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton featuring two guest speakers – the Alberta Party‘s Chima Nkemdirim and Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith. It was refreshing to see two political representatives engage and interact in such a respectful and civil way. New Kids on the Political Block was a fun and engaging evening that attracted a good cross-section of politically engaged and interested people from across the political spectrum.

The evening was video streamed live online at and was the lead story on last night’s CBC local news.

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Good event last night. I was proud to watch my leader Danielle Smith shine like a Premier in waiting.

Danielle Smith should be seated to the left – her policies like expanding health care boards to 30 local boards is anything but conservative.

Brian your comment makes little sense. Real conservatives understand that localized decision making is almost always the best way to go. Giant super-boards deciding things for your town from far off in a capital city is very much how communist nations are run. Ed Stelmach’s health super board debacle is a perfect example of how “left” the PCs have gotten. Local decision making allows for grassroots participation in governance, something most conservatives understand and believe in.

And I think both of you should give your heads a shake if you think questions about devolution or centralization of power are divided along left-right lines.

I agree with Brian. True conservatives want to reduce government not expand it. The superboard does just that. Why do we need dozens more boards? Focus money on health care not burbeaucrats. The Wildrose is to the left on this one.

The Alberta party is giving off the perception that they are going to stand for everything for everybody. They’re eventually going to have to come up with policies that will place them in some part of the political spectrum.

This “non-partisan listening” will come to an end ad soon as they actually stand for something. Then it’s back to the game of partisan politics.

Trevor Mark’s comments sound like the Wildrose Alliance party. Tolerate everything. Stand for nothing. Please no one.

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