cabinet tour pitstop: edmonton.

Want the ear of a provincial Cabinet Minister ( and lunch)? It will only cost you $30. The executive branch will be stopping in Edmonton as part of their criss crossing tour across the province. A friendly reader forwarded me a copy of this email, from the Rotary Club of Edmonton.

The Cabinet Ministers will be in Edmonton May 27, 2010 A lunch for the Edmonton business community will be held at the Sutton Place hotel ballroom from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. on that date, arranged by the Rotary Club of Edmonton. There will be 30 tables of 10 persons each for a total of 300 places. A cabinet minister will sit at each table.

Tickets are $30.00 each. The ticket price will cover the cost of the lunch and printing. This is not a political or charitable donation and no receipts are available. Cheques are payable to Rotary Club of Edmonton.

To purchase tickets in advance contact a member of the Rotary Club of Edmonton, including:

John Whitmore
Rotary Club of Edmonton
780 702 3341 (direct)

Peter Stephen
Rotary Club of Edmonton
780 455 3417
780 221 3417

Any tickets not sold in advance will be available at the door before the lunch. There is no guarantee tickets will still be available. At that time only Rotary’s pos card reader will be available for credit and debit cards. A line-up can be expected.

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Will Ed Stelmach or ministers be holding any open townhall meetings in Edmonton for people who can’t make it downtown at lunch? I have many questions that I would like to ask the Premier. That would be a great way to reconnect with Albertans.

With the cabinet campaign – oops! – I mean “tour” winding down, one good thing for them is the fact that by only attending hand picked venues with supporters and hacks, they – the cab mins – never had to hear anything bad. So they will think things are just fine in Alberta, and they will carry on as usual, not so good for us.

Midge, I attended one of the meetings and can tell you that not one person in the room had a good thing to say to the Minister. My first impression was that the Ministers would only be meeting with people that were in agreement with the Party methods but after seeing what happened in the meeting I attended I sincerely hope that others went the same way. I suspect the Tour was triggered because we Albertans are so angry. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it (besides an early election and if that is the case then the PC Party should pay for the Tour, not the taxpayers).

It s good to hear that anger and dissatisfaction were expressed at your meeting.
At the meeting my friends were at – one of the first ones that was still open to the public- people with hard questions were told to sit down.
I remain pretty skeptical that anything will really be heard, and that anything will change, even though we have paid for the “tour”.

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