alberta politics notes 5/06/2010

Calgary-Buffalo Liberal MLA Kent Hehr has announced that he is running for Mayor of Calgary. Mr. Hehr does not have to resign his seat in the Assembly unless he is elected in the October 2010 election. If he does resign, a by-election will be triggered within six months (a Facebook group has been created to draft Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith to seek candidacy in a Buffalo by-election).
– There had also been rumours that Lethbridge-East Liberal MLA Bridget Pastoor would run for Mayor in her city, she recently announced that she would not.
– The Liberal Party will be holding its annual convention in Edmonton – this year with a policy focus – and are slated to have political strategist and micro-celebrity Warren Kinsella as their keynote speaker.
– Community organizer Michael Janz has announced that he is running for the Edmonton Public School Board in Ward F. Over in Ward G, NDP Caucus Research Director Sarah Hoffman is running.
Deron Bilous was nominated as the NDP candidate in Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview last night. Supporter Denny Holmwood blogged about Mr. Bilous’ candidacy.
Calgary-Northeast Conservative MP Devinder Shory has been named in a lawsuit alleging a $70-million mortgage scam at the Bank of Montreal.
Ihor Broda was disbarred from the Law Society of Alberta. Mr. Broda ran unsuccessfully as the PC candidate in Edmonton-Castle Downs in 1997 and placed third in the race for Mayor of Edmonton in 1998.
– Premier Ed Stelmach‘s decision to suspend the fall Senate elections this year is being criticized by Red Deer Mayor Morris Flewwelling.
– While his cabinet tours the province, Premier Stelmach kicked off an overseas summer tour in Washington DC this week.
– The Pembina Institute is disputing Government of Alberta claims about provincial regulation of emissions generated from the oilsands.
– It is a bad week for private health care in Alberta. The Health Resources Centre (HRC) in Calgary and two private seniors homes in Red Deer have filed for bankruptcy protection. Alberta Health Services will pay the cost of the interim receiver for HRC, which could reach $250,000.
– And finally, in the “it’s about time” category: The city of Edmonton’s transportation committee approved a plan to fast-track the construction of three LRT lines.

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Warren Kinsella epitomizes the worst aspects of the federal Liberal party. If David Swann is trying to distance his own party from the stench of Jean Chretian’s AdScam era, this is just about the worst way possible to go about it.

From failed policy on human rights tribunals, to dirty campaigning, right through to the their famous sense of entitlement, I can think of no one worse than Mr Kinsella.

I’m finally starting to understand why so many people are calling for David Swann’s term to end. Worst possible keynote ever.

David Swanns Liberals could use a sharp mind like Kinsella to give them some tips. They will need to be cuthroat to survive the right wing bloodfest between Stelmach and Smith.


It’s not like David Swann picked the keynote. Anyhow, should be an interesting convention.

As a Calgarian, I am supremely jealous of Edmonton’s LRT plan.

The leader may not have picked the keynote but he surely had the ability to influence or veto the choice. Kinsella’s presence ensures I won’t attend, and I’m now much less likely to take the AB Liberals seriously.

It’s a poor choice.

Neal: You sound like a crazy. The Liberals aren’t going to tailor their convention around a whiny blog troller who isn’t going to go to their convention anyway. Grow up.

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