hot air.

With recent political contribution disclosures showing the PC Party holding ground, maybe the Wildrose Alliance groundswell in Calgary is just a bunch of hot air

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Its not the amount of money that counts. Its the number of memberships, the number of volunteers and the number of votes.

WAP has the momentum on all counts.

Look at the money raised in Glenora and look who won the riding!

So if money equals support, and electoral success is contingent on fiscal well being, then where does that leave Reboot?

Not that I'm a fan, but Danielle Smith only became leader in October. Let's wait and see what happens with donations this year now that they have someone at the helm.

People are going to be scared of the Wildrose Mormon Alliance Party when they bring out the social policy framework.

Oh Christ, not the tinfoil-hat wearing Mormon conspiracy crap again. Scared of their social policy, anon at 10:05? You expect the public to assume the WRA is composed of bigoted idiots, while proving it true of yourself.


Sorry. My tinfoil hat was causing a transmugerance of my brainwaves. Hat off, no longer bigot.

I love it when the "anons" fight.

I need a program.

It's like phantom factions shadow boxing…. Can't tell one anon from another without a program… git yer program.

I feel like a kid at my first Eskimo (or should that be Inuit)? football game.

This blog's comment section has become an interesting place.

30% sycophant, 30% troll, 40% random observations by people employing the naming pattern of "[NAME] [OPTIONAL ADJECTIVE] [NOUN]".

It feels like it's changed a lot over the years. To me, far more amusing. But I do wonder what you think of it all Dave?

Well, let's be real for a moment.

It is impossible for the Wild Rose Alliance to ever succeed unless it provides all members access to full reproductive choices.

Providing them funding and vote support is pointless without access to abortion.

Michael Ignatieff says so.

I love it when the bloger-azzi launch into a Pavlovian "get off my lawn" tirade against the anons. What's our crime? Refusing to take you as seriously as you take yourself?

The list to date. Surprisingly, only three names have been used more than once. Kudos on the originality.

Kyle Fawcett's optional adjective re-election chances
Darrel McIntyre's Hair Piece
Tom Olsen's Wavy Locks
Reboot Alberta's Shattered Piggy Bank
Proper Noun's Adjective Noun
A Progressive's Left Testicle
Rory Koopman's Sanity
Cheryl Bernard's Frozen Fingertips
Hugh MacDonald's Crazy Eyes
Jennifer Martin's Shower Gel
Lynda Steele's Lip Gloss
Donn Lovett's Lack of Sense
Harry Chase's Wyatt Earp Stare
Iris Evans' Expense Account
Lee Harvey Oswald's Mother's Accomplice
Lindsay Blackett's Olympic Hangover
Dave Taylor's Currie Cooking
Darshan Kang's Currie Cooking
Pearl Calahasen's Naughty Nickers
Ric McIver's Overactive Eyelid
Kent Hehr's Future Mayoralty
Mandel's other face
Brian Mason's mustache wax
Manmeet Bhullar's Gansta Wrap
Peral Calahasen's Prairie Oysters
Marco Polo's Cartography Arm
Ted Clampett Morton's Cement Pond
Lloyd Snelgrove's creepy goatee
The REAL Lloyd Snelgrove's creepy goatee
Bruno Gerussi's Medallion
Genia Leskiw's boyish man arms
Waffle House's Waffles
Dave Cournoyer's Sense of Righteousness
Ty Lund's Bonus Pay
Ken Kowalski's Ego
Bob Dole's Bad Arm
Ralph Klein's cast-iron liver
Danielle Smith's Mangled Sound Bite
Jean Chretien's Dismembered Choking Hand
Tiny Perfect Blog's Repentant Ghost
Green Party's Ghost
Social Credit's Aberhart Zombie
Bruce Huttons Separated Ghost
Brett Wilson's pants dragon
Feynman and Coulter's Love Child

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