2010 Municipal Election

poll post: 2010 edmonton mayoral election.

Question: Mayor Stephen Mandel has announced his intentions to seek re-election in October 2010. If the election were held today, would you vote for Mandel?

Results: Yes: 64%, No: 36%

Question: Mayor Stephen Mandel has announced his intentions to seek re-election in October 2010. Who should step up to challenge him?

Top 5 Results: Kevin Taft, Don Iveson, Michael Phair, Brian Mason, Roberto Noce.

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If election were held today wouldn't he be the only declared candidate? I'm not comfortable saying I'd vote for some hypothetical other person without knowing who they are.

For example, I could say I wouldn't vote for him but then if the only opponents turn out to be Caterina and Nickel I'd be eating my words. 🙂

@Paul Turnbull -You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. Mandel blamed previous 'stingy' councils for our Infra deficit. Look at who was actually to blame. Of course you will be too bull headed to admit that Nickel was right and Mandel was wrong. Sad. really.

"I'm interested in building a city, not just maintaining a city," said Nickel, who angrily accused council of being too timid to invest in this city's future.

Nickel pointed the finger directly at Mandel for orchestrating the vote against borrowing.

"He led the charge on it," said Nickel. "He wanted a wait-and- see attitude from council. I wanted to get on with building this city."

Scott McKeen Edmonton Journal Dec 15, 2004

Stephen Mandel on South LRT whilst councillor:

"Mayor Bill Smith has made expansion of the LRT south to Heritage Mall one of his main priorities for the new federal money, but Mandel said this isn't what most residents want.

"If you're talking about the choice of an LRT which is between $600 million and $1 billion, versus getting the neighbourhood sidewalks fixed or recreational facilities, I think the choice will be neighbourhoods and recreational facilities."

Edmonton Journal Aug 5, 2004 Gord Kent

Stephen Mandel on proposed South LRT development on March 19, 2002

"I think this is a short-sighted decision," Coun. Stephen Mandel said. "I think we'd be far wiser to take a look at other alternatives rather than spending this money there. I think we could far more effectively use the money on the north side to make a more integrated system. All we're going to have now is a single line that runs north and south and is not going to be used."
-Edmonton Journal

Mandel -the visionary!

Interesting how Dave Cournoyer turns the other cheek on Mandel. But look out if you're Danielle Smith. He'll do 5 days of research on you.

Not at all balanced, Dave. It shows what you're really all about.

Mandel's other face: I don't remember ever giving any particular reasons as to why I would prefer Mandel over Caterina or Nickel so I'm not sure how you think I'm "talking out of both sides of my mouth"?

I might be interested in debating this but not with someone who has an apparent ax to grind but no willingness to put his name on the ax. If you want to be taken even vaguely seriously have the balls to put your name to your words.

Why isn't my name on your list daveberta?

I am the greatest Mayor this city ever had.

They even named a stadium after me. Its called Clarke Stadium in case you didn't know. The Edmonton Eskimos play there.

Oh and as for a platform, I don't need no stinking platform because I am Joseph @$@!$ Clarke.

I'm too lazy to do the research, but didn't both the federal and provincial government provide new funding for transit since Mandel's original comments?

I am OK if a politician changes his or her mind when circumstances change.

If you read one of those comments is says that new federal money was available. Bill Smith wanted it for transit but Mandel wanted it spent elsewhere.

Thanks, I scanned the comments and missed that. At least he's moving in the right direction now.

I still stand by my statement that it's OK for politicians to change their minds. It's better than sticking to their guns and continuing to be wrong.

The two term statement was dumb, though. Bill Smith once said the same thing, if I recall correctly.

Well, we'll see who else decides to run. I'm not happy about everything Mandel's said or done, but I'm still satisfied with the job he's doing overall. Besides, he's only one vote on council.

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