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mayor stephen mandel to run for re-election.

Edmonton Journal columnist Scott McKeen is reporting via Twitter that Mayor Stephen Mandel is expected to announce whether or not he will run for re-election in the October 18, 2010. Mayor Mandel was re-elected to a second term in 2007 with 65% of the vote. He served as Councillor for Ward 1 from 2001 until becoming unseating Mayor Bill Smith in 2004.

In May 2009, I wrote a blog post speculating some of the contenders who could replace Mayor Mandel.

UPDATE: At a media conference held at the Bissell Centre this morning, Mayor Mandel has announced his intention to seek re-election for a third-term as Mayor of Edmonton. It is not yet known whether he will face a strong challenger in his campaign for re-election.

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I will vote for the candidate that is against taxpayer dollars going to hockey billionaires and world fair adventures and who is otherwise not a fruit loop.

Is that too much to ask?

But how will he afford his campaign if he can only accept $5,000 from each group trying to build an arena downtown?

I get the feeling that Don Koziak will take another stab at it, but this time with a more concerted effort and could maybe garner 30% of the 'anti-council' protest vote.

I think Mandel would still win though, which is why I think Karen Leibovici will wait it out three more years. But that's too bad, because she could make it a very interesting race.

Same with Tony Caterina, but I don't think he has the wide appeal or name recognition of the whole city. He may also be thinking of running provincially for the Wildrose Alliance again in three years.

Dave, what are your feelings on Mandel's opposition to South LRT when he was a councillor? What are your feeling on Mandel once being a proponent of term limits for Mayor (2 terms)?

By the way, that's the tip of his hypocritical iceberg. Check the comments in the Journal. Someone's been digging up some heavy dirt on Stephen Mandel from newsdisk.

Dave, even your poll should worry Mandel given your envirohippy following. Over at the Journal it's 28% in favour of Mandel and 41% against. At the Sun, Mandel has 16% support and 70% opposed.

I'll keep you updated

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