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fiscal conservative in name only.

Last Fall, the Liberals caught the attention of political watchers when they released a YouTube video painting a scary picture of Premier Ed Stelmach and Danielle Smith versions of fiscal conservatism. It had nothing on this video from a campaign in California.

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Ha ha ha ha.. That was even worse that the ABLibs advert.. A guy crawling around in a cheap sheep costume.. Priceless.. I love that some found inspiration in that. If you really want inspiration kids, check out the attack ads against Brad Wall and Party in Sask.. Far better done with the wolf in sheep clothing scenario. lol

Were I a Californian, I might well vote for Tom Campbell on the strength of this ad. What it says between the lines is that he is prepared to behave responsibly on the revenue side to get California out of the trouble "real" "fiscal conservatives" (who are anything but fiscally conservative) got it into. In other words, he's not alike all the other California Republicans – no bad thing in my estimation. The Alberta Liberal video you refer to is more intellectually honest than this ad, in that it simply points out the obviously demonstrable fact that people who label themselves fiscal conservatives tend to spend public money like drunken sailors – and think that's OK, as long as it's being spent on things like themselves and their rich friends, and not "wasteful" projects that actually benefit the public, like hospitals, health care, public education and emergency services.

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