Speech from the Throne

alberta’s speech from the throne (2007 to 2010)

The Third Session of the 27th Alberta Legislature opened today with the Speech from the Throne. These speeches are usually feel good documents filled with rainbow and unicorn statements and little on actual details, so I have decided to save any analysis for the Provincial Budget announcement next week. Instead, I have created some interesting word-clouds of this year’s Throne Speech and other speeches since Premier Ed Stelmach entered his current role. They give an interesting perspective of how the focus of the Speeches have evolved since 2007. (Thanks to Mack Male for the inspiration).

Speech from the Throne 2010

Speech from the Throne 2009

Speech from the Throne 2008

Speech from the Throne 2007

13 replies on “alberta’s speech from the throne (2007 to 2010)”

That's pretty much what I thought. Not much difference. That either means nothing much has changed over the past couple of years or, as you suggest, throne speeches don't mean much ("rainbows and unicorns").

Thanks for taking the time to do this Dave. Much appreciated.

Wow, you ARE progressive! You're progressing nicely from presumption to utter and complete irrelevance.

I've seen more critical thought in a fortune cookie.

teesix have you read my blog? I think I'm safely "chart-boy" 🙂

Dave, I think word clouds are an effective tool to quickly visualize large amounts of text. The similarities really stand out.

Thanks for sharing!

Pointless. How do you visually tell the difference when you didn't even use the same font for 2007 and 2010?

I had to use two word-clouds in school. One was called the dictionary, and the other, a thesaurus. Check them out sometime!

I have now become enamoured with word clouds. I found one that may secretly hold the answer to life, the universe and everything. You won't see 42 in it anywhere.

I suggest you do a word-cloud from the twitter posts on the airport closure debate. Then do a couple of word-clouds from Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto. Love to see the results!

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