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Voting is now open in the first round of “Alberta’s top political moment of the decade.” Thank you to everyone for the numerous nominations that were submitted over the past few weeks. You can vote daily the moments of your choice until Saturday, December 12, 2009. The top 10 moments will move on to the final round of voting next week.

Top Alberta Political Moment of the ’00s?
2000: Thousands of Albertans protest the passage of private health care Bill 11.
2001: Ralph Klein defeated his long time rival Liberal leader Nancy MacBeth.
2001: Ralph Klein berated the homeless in a late night visit to a men’s shelter in Edmonton.
2001: Dave Bronconnier elected as Mayor of Calgary in a tight three-way contest.
2002: Alberta teachers strike for weeks, leading to a longtime souring of gov-teacher relations.
2003: Mad cow disease found in Alberta, triggering years of farm crisis and trade bans.
2003: Shell opened up first new oilsands plant in Fort Mac since the 1970s.
2004: In honour of Monty Python, Klein created Ministry of Restructuring and Govt Efficiency (RAGE).
2004: Ralph Klein declared fiscal debt erased, making Alberta the first debt-free province in decade
2004: Stephen Harper became leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
2004: Stephen Mandel defeated incumbent Bill Smith and becomes Mayor of Edmonton
2004: Election: Opposition breakthroughs, Liberals breakthrough in Calgary.
2005: Gay marriage finally becomes legal in Alberta.
2006: In final attempt to expand privatized health care, Ralph Klein launched “Third Way” reforms.
2006: Ralph Klein threw the Liberal Health Care policy book at a 17-year old Legislature page.
2006: Ralph Klein received 55.4% approval in the PC leadership review.
2006: $400 Ralphbucks cheques mailed to every Albertan.
2006: Calgary MP Stephen Harper became the Prime Minister of Canada.
2006: Edmonton Liberal MP Anne McLellan was defeated after 13 years in office.
2006: Ed Stelmach defeated Jim Dinning in the PC leadership contest.
2007: Alberta’s energy regulator caught hiring a PI to eavesdrop on powerline opponents’ phone calls
2007: Don Iveson defeats incumbent Mike Nickel in the Edmonton City Council election.
2007: Alberta increases resource royalties charged to energy companies.
2008: Election: Ed Stelmach’s PC were re-elected with a 72-seat majority in the Legislature.
2008: Thousands of ducks die in the Syncrude tailing ponds in Alberta’s oil sands.
2008: Linda Duncan defeated Rahim Jaffer to become the second-ever NDP MP from Alberta.
2009: Bill 44 was passed in the Alberta Legislature.
2009: Amid global recession and falling natural gas prices, Alberta returns to deficit.
2009: Danielle Smith was elected as leader of the Wildrose Alliance. free polls

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