Bill 50: Electrical Statues Amendment Act Joe Anglin

joe anglin on bill 50.

I laid out my thoughts on Bill 50: Electrical Statues Amendment Act and upgrades to provincial transmission infrastructure late last month, but the issue continues to dominate much of the debate during the fall session of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly. The Lavesta Area Group have been extremely effective at agitating their opposition to Bill 50 into the media spotlight and their leader, Joe Anglin, has been travelling across Alberta showcasing the group’s opposition to Bill 50. Anglin’s presentation is now on YouTube:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Loss Factors
Part 3: History and Legislation
Part 4: Time has run out!
Part 5: Reliability Issue and HVDC
Part 6: Costs and Bias
Part 7: EXPORT
Part 8: Hypocrisy –What they said
Part 9: The Vision and Plan

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