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hit [publish] and run.

The Edmonton Journal’s Graham Thomson has written a column on the dubious legacy left by the now defunct Tiny Perfect Blog, “Anonymous blogger spews vitriol, then runs: Pro-NDP ‘Tiny Perfect Blog’ became epitome of what its favoured party fights: intolerance and hypocrisy.”

The anonymous Tiny Perfect Blog gained a lot of attention because of its Perez Hilton-style political gossip and malicious hit and run partisan attacks, but it shut down just as quickly as it appeared. While none of the people I speak to know for certain who the author of this blog was (though they have their suspicions), my former MLA, Rachel Notley knows. But she’s not telling.

Notley says she knows the author, but won’t reveal a name– “I had nothing to do with that blog, truly… I’m not going to engage in a discussion about who else might have because my knowledge of that I gained in association with their confidence. But I will tell you without hesitation, I had nothing to do with that and I don’t agree with what was on it.”

I was also quoted in Thomson’s column, stating the position I’ve held since I stopped blogging anonymously over two years ago:

Cournoyer says even though there is a tradition of anonymous political writers going back hundreds of years, bloggers today aren’t in danger of getting their heads chopped off by an angry king. “We’re not living in China or Iran,” he says. “We don’t have to fear repercussions. The police aren’t going to come busting down their door if you’re actually contributing to political dialogue.”

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