edmonton’s bike plan worth voting for.

From the Edmonton Journal:

Instead of nearly $300 million, the proposal that will be put forward to the transportation and public works committee next Tuesday will recommend that between 1.5 and 2.5 per cent of the city’s annual capital budget be allocated to the plan, a number that will fluctuate year to year and amount to millions of dollars less.

As I wrote in a response to bicycle conspiracist Kerry Diotte, these types of plans should be geared towards average Edmontonians, who would ride their bikes to work a little more often if they felt they weren’t going to get plowed over by a motorist or sideswiped by a crazy cyclist.

As a long-term growth strategy for Edmonton it’s smart, it’s healthy, and it could even possibly cut down the ridiculous amount of traffic congestion that is increasingly jamming our roads.

BikesBoris Johnson

Join me by emailing or phoning your City Councillors to urge them not to sacrifice Edmonton’s Bicycle Transportation Plan when it is voted on by the Transportation & Public Works Committee on Tuesday August 25. The Bike Plan is a key component of the Transportation Master Plan that Councillors are set to vote for on September 14.

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