what’s your freedom of information gpa?

The Canadian Newspaper Association has released its 4th Annual Freedom of Information Audit (h/t Archie McLean). Here’s how the provincial and territorial governments placed in the audit:

Saskatchewan: A-
Manitoba: B+
Alberta: B+
Nova Scotia: B-
Yukon: C+
New Brunswick: C+
Newfoundland: C+
Quebec: C
British Columbia: C-
Ontario: C-

Though I have a hard time believing that the Government of Alberta excels at freedom of information, it’s probably true that this says more about how poorly Ontario and British Columbia are doing than anything else. Here’s how the Alberta-portion ranked:

Government of Alberta: B+
City of Calgary: B-
City of Edmonton: C+

C’s may get degrees, but they don’t mean much when it comes to freedom of information. As someone who is interested in urban issues and municipal politics, I am continually frustrated with how difficult it is to keep track of what initiatives my municipal government and City Councillors are actually working on.

No excuse, Edmonton, it’s time to pick up your game.

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