second phase of alberta’s innovative long-term savings strategy to be unveiled.

PC Finance Minister Iris Evans may be traveling to Norway to learn how to save money, but the real attention should be paid to the activities of Treasury Secretary Lloyd Snelgrove, who is rumoured to be preparing the second phase of Alberta’s new innovative long-term savings strategy to be executed upon Evans’ return at the end of January.

The key principle of the strategy revolves around the development of a flux-capacitor, which once installed into a proper vehicle and reaches a speed of 88 miles per hour (142 km/h), will transport Evans back to November 5, 1955.

Upon arriving in 1955, Evans will intercept young Ralph Klein at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance and attempt to convince him that properly saving for Alberta’s future would be vitally important during his time as Premier. If Evans is successful, this will begin to cause what Doc Brown describes as a paradox that would cause Alberta’s financial and infrastructure problems to disappear from existence (but if she’s not careful, and does not bring any extra plutonium, Evans will have to find the 1955 version of Lloyd Snelgrove to help her return to 2009).

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