the week ahead.

– I will be posting profiles of Alberta Liberal leadership candidates Mo Elsalhy, David Swann, and Dave Taylor this week (CalgaryGrit has already posted profiles of Swann and Elsalhy). ALP members will be voting by mail over the next couple weeks and the results will be released on December 13. The final leadership candidate forum will be held in Calgary on November 28 (pdf).

– For all the folks who called me a naysayer when I shook my head as just a year ago as they boasted of a world of permanent $200 barrels of oil, take a look at it now (at $57). If you can say anything about economic booms in Alberta, it’s that it really helps people who should know better lose all perspective and objectivity. Pay attention to what PC Finance & Enterprise Minister Iris Evans does in the next couple weeks to react to this drop.

– The 2006 Federal Liberal leadership race saw Gerard Kennedy elect the most convention delegates from Alberta (117), followed by Michael Ignatieff (115) and Stephane Dion (81). Bob Rae placed distant fifth with 37 delegates elected (behind Joe Volpe). With Kennedy out of the race, and some former Kennedy supporters backing Ignatieff, it should be interesting to see whether it translates into a rout for Team Iggy in Alberta. There’s also no shortage of bloggers lining up to board the Ignatieff train (Scott Tribe has a living list).

– I’m looking forward to heading to a reception for Preston Manning this week at the University of Alberta, where he will be receiving an honourary degree. More comment on this Alberta political icon to come.

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