beginning on the point of active and passive homophobia in alberta.

1) On Active and Passive Homophobia in Alberta with Dave Rodney, Laurie Blakeman, Rachel Notley, and Lindsay Blackett.

2) Stupid Questions and Stupid Answers from Ron Liepert and Hugh MacDonald. Does Speaker Ken Kowalski even bother showing up anymore?

3) Ron Liepert and Brent Shervey, it’s a ‘were are they now?‘ of Team Dinning.

4) Rachel Notley petitions against Nuclear power.

5) Lindsay Blackett on rodeo. Nov 7: “I have no problem supporting that motion.Nov 26: “Does a province need a provincial sport? I frankly don’t think so.” …

6) Flying very low under the radar is the Alberta Liberal leadership contest. Dave Taylor v. David Swann v. Mo Eslalhy. Listen to the podcast.

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