it’s voting day, so exercise your franchise!

I got up early and joined a couple of friends for a trip to our polling station in Edmonton-Strathcona this morning. Even though I’m not particularly excited about voting for the NDP, it felt good to know that my vote for Linda Duncan could make a difference in an expected tight race with the Conservative Party incumbent.

Across the river, I’ve spoken to a decent amount of NDP and Green supporters who will be parking their support behind Jim Wachowich in Edmonton-Centre in his bid to dislodge their Conservative incumbent.

Looking a little further north, after spending the Thanksgiving weekend back home, I was very interested to discover that most of my family living in Westlock-St. Paul will be voting for the Green Party candidate — Aden Murphy — partly to send a message to their invisible Conservative MP and partly to give their support to a none-institutional party. If more rural Alberta voters are thinking this way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Greens rack up some second place finishes across Alberta tonight.

If you haven’t already voted, you have until 7:30pm Alberta time to get to your ballot box, so get out and vote!

UPDATE: I’ve received news that many of the polling stations in Edmonton-Strathcona are seriously understaffed — meaning that there could be long lineups at the polls this evening. If you can get out and vote before the evening rush, you will likely be able to vote quicker!

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