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I’m going to be honest, I’m not a big fan of party youth-wings. As a former member of one, I appreciate how much beer-guzzling and pot-smoking fun they can be, but I am also very aware of the kool-aid drinking peer-pressure culture that can percolate within them. For many senior political archetypes, youth-wings can be used as a tool marginalize, control, and indoctrinate the younger members of a party. I am fully supportive of young people getting involved in politics, but I would encourage them to take more central roles in their parties (rather than bowing to the will of the largely middle-aged gray-haired lawyers or business-types that saturate the aging ranks of the political-class).

Having got this off my chest, the University of Alberta Students’ Union will be hosting a different type of political forum on Friday October 10 from 5pm-8pm at Dewey’s on Campus by inviting members of the campus party clubs to participate in an open-forum.

I would encourage the representatives of the Green Party on Campus, U of A Campus NDP, U of A Conservative Association, Campus Young Communist League, and U of A Students’ Liberal Association to provide the audience with a little more than the easy party line (or manifesto) on the sheet of paper in front of you. Don’t be afraid to speak off the cuff and deviate from your party’s official policies. If you think you’re party is wrong on an issue, don’t be afraid to say it.

In conclusion, prove me wrong about all the mean stuff I said about you and your kin at the beginning of this post. I will be enjoying a pint or two while I watch the debate, so my inhibitions towards heckling will undoubtedly be lowered. Consider this a warning.

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