edmonton fringe festival reviews.

As Edmonton’s 27th Annual International Fringe Festival rages on through the next week of scorching hot summer weather, questions will inevitably be raised over 1) where to find show reviews, and 2) which ones to trust? Well, you’re going to have to figure out #2 on your own, but I can help you with #1. Here are a couple links to some review sites:

Official Fringe Website 30-second reviews
CBC Edmonton – Gilbert Bouchard’s Fringe Buffet
Edmonton Journal Reviews
Edmonton Sun Reviews
The Gateway: Cellmates: The Musical!, Hamlet (Solo)
Vue Weekly Reviews

I’ve only seen a couple of shows so far (including JEM ROLLS and CELLMATES: THE MUSICAL, but am planning to check out BUSTY RHYMES and HAMLET (SOLO) tomorrow). I’m also pleased to report that the 2008 Fringe Beer Gardens have met the gold star levels of the 2007 Fringe Beer Gardens.

UPDATE: SEE Magazine has amazingly reviewed every single Fringe show.

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