canadians deported from china.

How many Chinese do you suppose will be deported from Canada during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games?

BEIJING — Seven Canadians have been deported from China following a rash of pro-Tibetan protests in Beijing in recent days that has prompted Chinese authorities to tighten security further.

Steve Andersen, 28, from Edmonton, and Maude Cote, 28, from Montreal, along with a Tibetan-German woman were arrested by plainclothes police officers after they reportedly unfurled a Tibetan flag just after 3 p.m. Sunday in Beijing, just outside the southern entrance of Tiananmen Square.

A short time after those arrests, Mike Hudema, a prominent spokesman for Greenpeace in Alberta, was detained along with four other people from Edmonton and Vancouver in a Beijing hotel, their luggage thoroughly searched before being questioned individually in the basement.

The five Canadians who were detained at a Beijing hotel before subsequently being deported were identified as Mr. Hudema, 31, Jasmine Freed, 27, Paul Christopher Baker, 29, Denise Ogonoski, 26, and William Nelson, 26.


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