on the nutritional value of white bread.

It’s not hard to believe that being an opposition party leader in Alberta contains as much of a political future as white bread does nutrition, but that’s not going to stop some brave citizens from believing that they can turn the Alberta Liberal Party into a multi-grain political experience (wow, that was bad…).

The first contender to step up after outgoing leader Kevin Taft announced his stepping down is Calgary-Currie MLA Dave Taylor. Deputy Leader since he was first elected in 2004, it’s probably been about just as long since I’ve heard rumours of the former talk radio star’s impending leadership run. AGRDT, PTIMHB and Calgary Grit have some initial reactions to Taylor’s announcement.

As a special nutritious treat for readers, over the coming months I will be providing some uniquely davebertan insight into my experiences with some of the candidates over the years — including during my time as Communications Coordinator for the Alberta Liberals which could possibly kill my chances of getting a job in the next Liberal leader’s office, but should have some nutritional value to it….

UPDATE: Former Edmonton-McClung MLA Mo Elsalhy is planning to kick off his campaign in the next few days.

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