making the bestest of edmonton.

Vue Weekly‘s Bestest of Edmonton 2008 is out and I apparently racked up points in one category…

Bestest Political Joke
Blogger Dave Cournoyer linking his appropriated Ed Stelmach website to the wikipedia page for Harry Strom. Zing! DB

I’m also glad to see that someone good rack up the points in the saving democracy category…

Bestest reason to have some hope for electoral democracy
It goes without saying that for people with left of centre (hell, for centre of right) political views, participation in elections at any level of government are typically an exercise in frustration and dismay. So Don Iveson’s Ward 5 victory over incumbent Mike Nickel in the October municipal election brought elation to many who had all but given up the process. A young, articulate guy with smart, forward-thinking ideas, a hard-working election team and the energy to knock on practically every door in the ward beats a conservative incumbent with whackloads of cash who ran an I’m-taking-victory-for-granted campaign? Who would’ve thunk it? SH

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