good. local. tunes.

For those of you interested in some good Alberta tunes, here’s an update on some shows I’ve checked out lately…

Saturday afternoon was filled with the musical stylings of Manraygun at the Black Dog. Last night at the Empress (arguably the best bar in Edmonton…) had the always fun The Secretaries and near-legendary Headband playing early into the morning. Good local bands and good tunes all around.

For those of you interested in having some fun tonight, Carolyn Mark (recently of Sled Island fame) will be playing at the Empress tonight!

Also, on Thursday evening, Latitude 53 will be holding their weekly patio party. I went to the first one a couple weeks ago and it was a great time. This week, Jay Hannley will be bringing his music and CJSR stars to the best roof top patio party in downtown Edmonton…

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