kerry diotte still riled over 2007 election.

Still bitter with Ward 5 voters for turfing Edmonton Sun love-child Mike Nickel in the 2007 election, pundit Kerry Diotte has taken aim at Ward 5 Councillor Don Iveson for being concerned with issues like “global warming,” rather than only just the same old tax issue.

Following the 2007 municipal election, Diotte accused Iveson of being part of a well-financed left-wing conspiracy to defeat right-winger Mike Nickel. According to public records (available at the City Clerk’s Office), Iveson’s well-financed left-wing conspiracy of a volunteer-run election campaign cost just $22,546.63 compared to Nickel’s $62,453 ($50,400 of donations to Nickel’s clearly under-financed campaign were in sums larger than $300, compared to the massive sum of $12,766.40 for Iveson*).

Having only had to spend one-third of what Nickel did on his campaign, maybe Diotte should give Iveson (and Ward 5 voters) a little credit for being creative and fiscally responsible with what he had and what the ideas he brings to the Council (like Smart Growth initiatives) can do to build Edmonton into a better place.


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