it’s a commuter challenge! go edmonton!

Thanks to the good folks in Councillor Don Iveson‘s office for passing along this message.

What is the Commuter Challenge? The Commuter Challenge is a national competition between workplaces and cities, encouraging healthier commuting practices by reducing the reliance on single occupancy vehicles for trips to and from the workplace.

Edmonton is competing for the distinction of being a leader in healthier commuting and we need your support. The Commuter Challenge is our chance to show how committed Edmonton is to sustainable transportation and share in some fun during Canadian Environment Week (June 1 to 7) and Clean Air Day (June 4).

All participating organizations in Edmonton will be recognized on the City of Edmonton website as well as the national Commuter Challenge website. Registration is open to organizations and individual Canadians can participate too.

During Canadian Environment week and especially Clean Air Day, employees are encouraged to register and submit their sustainable commute. Each person who walked, ran, cycled, rode transit or carpooled is counted as a healthier commuter. Employees who tele-work are also included. At the end of Canadian Environmental Week, the workplace with the highest percentage of healthier commuters is declared the winner.

Choices made by businesses, communities and individuals can lead to meaningful reductions in air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Become a leader in supporting healthier commuting and make a contribution to cleaner air and a healthier city.

Visit and Join the Challenge!

For more information on the Commuter Challenge contact Mary Modrovcic at or telephone 496-4013.

Visit for information about carpooling and finding potential carpool partners.

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