on sex scandals.

It almost caught me off guard, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how much attention Canada’s mainstream media is paying to the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal. If you haven’t already heard, New York Governor Elliot Spitzer has been caught in the middle of a sex scandal involving his alleged employment of a $1,000-an-hour Washington D.C. call girl (you can read a breakdown of the affidavit here).

A quick scan of the exciting Canadian political scene makes it pretty evident why the Canadian media are hopping on board the Elliot Spitzer-sex-scandal-train-from-New York. What kind of exciting political debates that our elected representatives are having in Canada?

– The epic struggle between Dan McTeague and Jim Flaherty continues in the great RESP debate of 2008.

– The Alberta Tories have just won their 11th consecutive majority government since 1971. 41% of Albertans bothered participating.

Stephane Dion’s Federal Liberals back down again, leaving Canadians wondering why Dion even wanted to be the leader of that party in the first place.

At least the Obama-Harper NAFTA-gate leak has provided some sort of excitement in a Canadian political scene that could be otherwise disappointingly described as colourless, insipid, and platitudinous.

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