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monday nomination updates!

Couple of nomination updates…

Calgary-Egmont: Craig Chandler and the Chandleristas are marching in full force against Ed Stelmach in Calgary.

“They picked the wrong guy to push aside — they’ve underestimated me every step of the way.” Chandler also announced three of his supporters who also plan to run as independents in the next election.

This includes former Calgary Egmont association president David Crutcher, Concerned Christians Canada national chairman Jim Blake, and Chandler’s campaign manager Harley Shouldice.

Chandler also announced that he’ll be launching a human rights complaint and suing the Alberta Progressive Conservatives for at least the $127,000 he spent campaigning to be their nominee.

As an independent candidate, Chandler will face former Calgary Catholic School District Chairperson and Alberta Liberal candidate Cathie Williams and the yet-to-be-chosen Tory

Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview: Former Tory MLA Tony Vandermeer will take on ND MLA Ray Martin and Alberta Liberal candidate Dawit Isaac. Vandermeer was the MLA for Edmonton-Manning from 2001 to 2004. He was recently defeated by Peter Sandhu in the Edmonton-Manning Tory nomination meeting.

Edmonton-Gold Bar: It looks like Alberta Liberal MLA Hugh MacDonald will be facing expected to be nominated ND candidate Sherry McKibben and Tory candidate David Dorward. in the next election. Sherry McKibben served one-year as a Ward 3 City Councillor from 1994 to 1995.

In 1994, McKibben was elected in a by-election after Judy Bethel was elected as Federal Liberal MP for Edmonton-East, but was defeated in the 1995 municipal election by Robert Noce (yes, Robert Noce actually defeated someone during his political career). McKibben then ran in Edmonton-Norwood in 1997 as the ND candidate but was defeated by Alberta Liberal Sue Olsen (Tory MLA Andrew Beniuk was defeated in this election. Beniuk is now a candidate for the Stelmach Tories in Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood).

Hugh MacDonald was first elected as Edmonton-Gold Bar’s in 1997 after the retirement of Bettie Hewes (Hewes was the Alberta Liberal MLA for Gold Bar from 1986 to 1997). In 2004, MacDonald was re-elected with 62% of the votes and the second largest margin of victory in that election.

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