random facts.

A while back, Derek Raymaker tagged me for 8 random facts. So, because I’m original (or I could only think of 6, here are five random facts about myself…):

– I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan. I have 11 Johnny Cash CD’s and saw Walk the Line in theatres 3 or 4 times (I own the DVD).

– I was nominated the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal by Cliff Chadderton Chair of the National Council or Veteran Associations of Canada (and I was awarded the medal…)

– I just returned from spending 6 weeks in Quebec.

– I was once almost kicked out the Alberta Legislature for being part of an impromptu media scrum in front of the Premier’s Office on the fourth floor (Ralph Klein actually walked by during the scrum). Apparently you’re not allowed to do that.

– I’ve visited the Big Valley Creation Science Museum…

– I was once in Amersterdam’s Schiphol Airport during a bomb threat.

And because it’s only fair, I’ll have to tag Dan, Blake, and Ken.

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