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friday morning roundup.

– Longtime Tory MLA Clint Dunford has officially announced that he won’t be seeking re-election in Lethbridge West. Dunford, a former Klein Minister, has held the hotly contested seat since 1993.

The controversy surrounding the awarding of a post-election contract to defeated Edmonton Meadowlark Tory MLA Bob Maskell continues with charges of favoritism and overbilling being launched at the Tories.

– The AEUB scandal continues as investigators south of the border in the State of Montana are shocked about the public board’s spying activities:

A scandal that has plagued Alberta’s energy regulator has become an international incident, with the Montana government wanting to know whether its citizens were spied on by an arms-length agency of the Alberta government.

Ken Toole of Montana’s Public Service Commission said Wednesday that while he doesn’t have full information on the issue, what he has heard about the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board is troubling.

“It is of great concern to me if any citizen group is being monitored by government agencies because they oppose a power line or a power plant or oil well or —whatever,” he said.

“I believe in civil liberties, and I don’t think it’s appropriate that government agencies monitor citizens who are protesting something they don’t like, as long as they’re lawful.”

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