poll results.

In June 2007, I placed a poll on this blog to unscientifically gauge the voting intentions of daveberta readers.

With a total of 500 votes, here are the results…

Question: If a provincial election were held today, which party`s candidate would you vote for?

Alberta Alliance 18% 90
Alberta Greens 3% 14
Alberta Liberals 32% 160
Alberta NDP 31% 155
Alberta PC 13% 67
Alberta Social Credit 1% 5
Other 2% 9

I was very interested to see that this blog is quickly becoming a favorite of New Democrats. But considering their 1% and 3% showings of support in the Drumheller-Stettler and Calgary Elbow by-elections I don`t think this is indicative of an orange éruption in the next election.

Also, I`ve put up a new poll for your voting pleasure…

(Also, vote for Harry!)

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