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trouble in toryland.

The outgoing President of the Young Tories took a parting shot at Premier Ed Stelmach on the front page of today’s Calgary Herald.

Outgoing executive members of the Alberta PC youth wing continued their assault Monday against the Tories and the Stelmach government, arguing their policies are rural, stale and ensuring a “slow death march” for the party.


The entire nine-member executive has resigned from the youth wing, largely due to the party’s and government’s lack of vision and attempts to muzzle young Tories, insist the former executive members.

“PC Alberta will continue its slow death march, to the beat of a rural drum and tired, stale policies,” outgoing president David McColl, 26, wrote in an op-ed letter to the Herald.

There is also a surprisingly nasty letter on the front page of the YAPCA website. The Herald described the situation well.

Some of the outgoing members of the youth wing say they’re disillusioned with the party’s lack of vision and the way it kept the lid on their views and input. It is difficult to gauge the overall mood in the whole wing from a handful of dissenters, but what should worry Stelmach is that these are more people adding their voices to a chorus of disillusionment with his government that is growing steadily louder.

On that note, today’s Herald also included a new poll showing Premier Ed Stelmach’s disapproval rating in Calgary and Edmonton doubling to 29%, from 15% in January. In Calgary, the poll shows that Stelmach’s disapproval rating has soared to 39% (from 18% in January) and is coming close to challenging his approval ratings of 44% in Calgary (down from 52% in January). The poll also showed that 41% of Calgarians believe Premier Stelmach is leading Alberta in the wrong direction (35% think he’s taking Alberta down the right path).

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