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the alberta equalization contradiction.

As Nic has pointed out, the media has picked up on the equalization contradiction that I posted about earlier this week.

The Globe & Mail reported today:

OTTAWA — Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach’s office is overruling his Finance Minister and declaring that the province still opposes a controversial revamp the Harper government has planned for Canada’s equalization formula.

It is a blow to Ottawa’s hopes that opposition is dying down over a proposed new method of calculating federal payouts to poorer provinces, expected to be unveiled in Monday’s federal budget.

The move also could strain relations between the Harper government and Mr. Stelmach’s regime, federal Conservatives warn.

I’m sure there will be more than one media outlet waiting to see what both Premier Ed Stelmach and Finance Minister Lyle Oberg each individually have to say about the equalization plan federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty lays out in his budget next week.

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