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democracy and poetry in alberta.

Provincial Affairs Columnist Graham Thomson has started a great contest!

If you’ve been reading my columns in The Journal, you’ll know that I am running a contest.

1st Prize: A rare golden lapel pin commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Alberta Legislature. You can’t buy this anywhere and is the same official pin worn by the MLAs.
2nd Prize: Hardcover picture book: “100 Years at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta: A Centennial Celebration.”

Rules: Write a brief essay of 100 words or less on the topic: “How Can We Improve Democracy In Alberta.”
You can write in prose or in poetry. In my column I said there’d be extra points if you can do it as a limerick — but that does NOT mean you must do it as a limerick. Everyone who has entered so far has written a poem. I wouldn’t mind some prose.
Deadline is Wednesday, December 20.
E-mail me here or my other address:

So far, I’ve spoken to 2-3 political types who are already working on their entry… in prose or in poetry… I’m working on mine…

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