the more things change…

A couple of thoughts…

– I can’t wait until the Alberta PC leadership race is over with and I can start blogging on something else (I *could* completely ignore the race, but it only started to get interesting 3 days ago…)

– Former Lyle Oberg supporter and MLA for Calgary Montrose Hung Pham has endorsed Ted Morton… Lethbridge West Tory MLA Clint Dunford has endorsed Jim Dinning.

– It will be very interesting to see what type of internal termoil manifests itself if Ted Morton wins the race. With one supporter (who’s first choice was Lyle Oberg) from his caucus collegues, it’s going to be a fairly awkward first caucus meeting after next Saturday if Morton pulls it off. I get the feeling it’s going to be a little awkward anyway considering the amount of support Morton’s team pulled on the first ballot.

– Lyle Oberg. What happened to the 10,000 Tory memberships the Alberta Building Trades Council whole-sale purchased from his campaign? Will they show up to support Ed Stelmach?

– On a non-Tory leadership note! One of this blog’s favorite MLA’s – Edmonton Centre Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman – had a great quote in Tuesday’s Gateway on the topic of women in politics:

“There’s an idea out there that somehow women are delicate flowers—people are snickering already—that somehow we can’t hack it and that we are broken by this, and frankly, that’s just bullshit,”

Way to tell ’em, Laurie!

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