ted morton v. kevin taft 2008?

This is for all of you political “what-if” speculators…

No room for Reds in Morton’s Tories
Tom Olsen, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If you’re worried about the state of democracy in Alberta, elect Ted Morton. Not because he has a package of refreshing democratic reforms — all the contenders in the Tory leadership race have that.

Nope, elect Ted because if Morton wins the race to lead Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives, there will be a Red Tory exodus from the party.

The constituency which Morton derides as “liberal lite” will look for another political home. They’ll find it, maybe, in a new centrist conservative party, or perhaps with Kevin Taft‘s Alberta Liberals, who will make themselves more palatable by tightening up on the fiscal restraint.

Olsen continues…

Liberal boss Taft, by contrast, says a win for Morton is a victory for Alberta’s Grits.

“There would be a larger opposition in the legislature, absolutely,” said Taft. “And it would be led by Ted Morton.”

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