dinning v. morton + kingmaker stelmach

Care ‘o The One Party State

First Ballot Results Thanks to the Invisible Hand, who is liveblogging the results from Calgary, here are the final totals:

Dinning 29,470
Morton 25,614
Stelmach 14,967
Oberg 11,638
Hancock 7595
Norris 6789
Doerksen 873
McPherson 744
Total: 97,690

Looks like I may have been a little off on my predictions. I’ll be interesting to see the final verified totals tomorrow morning. I’ll promise more analysis then.

Snarky comments, thoughtful observations, and rude remarks welcomed.

UPDATE: Larry Johnsrude has reported that Dave Hancock has endorsed Ed Stelmach in order to form a “Northern Alliance” (not to be confused with the other Northern Alliance). If this is true then I’m not totally shocked by Hancock’s decision to support Ed Stelmach over Jim Dinning as Dinning’s campaign has not exactly been the most gracious gang of frontrunners around the block.

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