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Though it is clear that Yukon electoral politics are more personality than party based, it is interesting to see the seeming decline of support for the NDP in the Yukon. Though this immediately be tied to the unfortunate situation with NDP leader Todd Hardy undergoing cancer treatment in Vancouver (hence, his inability to campaign full-time during this election period). The shift from NDP Governments (1985-1992 & 1996-2000) to Pat Duncan‘s Liberals (2000-2002) and then Dennis Fentie‘s Yukon Party Government (2002-present) is interesting. The Yukon NDP’s decline from government to Official Opposition to Third Party status may signify something deeper than a mere decline in seat count.

As well, the delcine of NDP support on a federal level in the Yukon may be along the same lines. Currently represented by Liberal MP Larry Bagnell, the Yukon was represented by NDP leader Audrey McLaughlin from 1989 to 1997, and Louise Hardy from 1997 to 2000 (who is also Todd Hardy’s wife).

Does this signal a political shift towards the centre and the right in the Yukon? Or is it mearly a transition back to the Yukon’s traditional conservative represenatives (PC MP Erik Neilson represented the Yukon from 1957 to 1987). Or is it just me over analyzing things?

So, with the Yukon Territorial election over with, here is what the new Yukon Territorial Legislature looks like…

Yukon Party MLA’s – 10
Dennis Fentie, Watson Lake (NDP MLA 1996-2002)
Brad Cathers, Lake Laberge (first elected in 2002)
Glenn Hart, Riverdale South (first elected in 2002)
Marion Horne, Pelly-Nisutlin (New MLA)
Jim Kenyon, Porter Creek North (first elected in 2002)
Archie Lang, Porter Creek Centre (first elected in 2002)*
Steve Nordick, Klondike (new MLA)
Ted Staffen, Riverdale North (first elected in 2002)
Elaine Taylor, Whitehorse West (first elected in 2002)

Yukon Liberal MLA’s – 5
Arthur Mitchell, Cooperbelt (first elected in 2005)
Darius Elias, Vuntut Gwitchin (New MLA – defeated NDP MLA Lorraine Peter)
Eric Fairclough, Mayo-Tatchun (NDP MLA 1996-2006)
Don Inverarity, Porter Creek South (New MLA)
Gary McRobb, Kluane (NDP MLA 1996-2006)

Yukon NDP MLA’s – 3
Todd Hardy, Whitehorse Centre (first elected in 2002)
Steve Cardiff, Mount Lorne (first elected in 2002)
John Edzerza, McIntyre-Takhin (Yukon Party MLA from 2002-2006)

*Archie Lang’s twin brother, Kent Lang, was MLA for Porter Creek East from 1978-1992.

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