10,000 trade unionists v. 33 mla’s.

With Lyle Oberg in his new role as the now reborn Defender of the Workers, it looks like more Tory MLA’s are flocking to frontrunner and Tory dauphin Mr. James Dinning.

Jim Dinning now has the support of 33 Alberta PC MLA’s – Ministers Greg Melchin (Calgary North West), George VanderBurg (Whitecourt-Ste. Anne), and Ron Stevens, along with backbench Tory MLA’s Janis Tarchuk (Banff-Cochrane), Doug Griffiths (Battle River-Wainwright), and Wayne Cao (Calgary Fort) are now endorsing Jim Dinning.

As much as some of my Tory friends would like to convince me otherwise, it’s looking more and more like a complete and utter landslide for Jim Dinning in this race.

Here are the current Alberta PC MLA’s endorsements in this race…

Total declared support:
Jim Dinning – 33 MLA’s
Ed Stelmach – 7 MLA’s
Mark Norris – 2 MLA’s
Bob Cantwell – No Declared MLA Support
Alana DeLong – No Declared MLA Support
Victor Doerksen – No Declared MLA Support
Dave Hancock – No Declared MLA Support
Ted Morton – No Declared MLA Support
Lyle Oberg – No Declared MLA Support
Undeclared – 20 MLA’s

Click here for the complete Alberta PC MLA endorsement listing…

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