ted morton, the man in black?

A bit of an update for the first full week of September…

The Tyee has an interesting article on the real effects of Ralph Klein’s legacy.

Maclean’s magazine seems to be continuing it’s right-wing slide with last week’s online poll that asks if parents should pay for their adult children’s post-secondary education. I’ve never been able to understand why the parents of an adult student should be even remotely responsible and expected to pay for their education costs. This is one of the greatest flaws in Canada’s student finance system.

Maclean’s used to be a good magazine, but now holds only one consistantly good contributor, of who’s best work can be found online for free.

This seems like quite the blow to Jack Layton’s NDP. The defection of Paul Summerville to the Bob Rae leadership campaigns…

– Alberta PC leadership candidate Ted Morton has launched his new website. Campaign colours? Black.

– Also, props to the Calgary Grit for posting this one before I did…

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