vote for the daveberta eight!

The first round of Calgary Grit‘s Best PM Never ends tomorrow at 12 noon – so remember to VOTE!

Here are the daveberta Official Endorsements in the race…

Matchup 1 – D’Arcy McGee
Matchup 3 – Ed Broadbent
Matchup 4 – Sir George-Étienne Cartier
Matchup 5 – Louise Arbour
Matchup 6 – Lloyd Axworthy
Matchup 7 – Stephen Lewis
Matchup 8 – Peter Lougheed

On another note, James Laxer has a copy of an article on his blog about the political tactics of the Federal NDP in the 2004 & 2006 elections. I read the article in The Walrus a couple of months ago.

I also read Laxer’s book “The Border: Canada, the U.S. and Dispatches from the 49th Parallel” last month, there are some pretty good sections in it. Maybe I’ll post a review if I find the time.

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