try the beef roti.

I’m enjoying a relaxing August long-weekend! Spent a large part of yesterday soaking up the sun and a plethora of different cultures (and foods) at Heritage Days in Harwelak Park. I hadn’t been there since I was a young daveberta and I had a great time. If you go, make sure to check out the Sri Lankan tent – the Beef Roti was great. Also, the Turkish Belly Dancers were worth it.

I was able to score some passes to Edmonton’s Folk Fest on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday next week – which is great. Performers include Bruce Cockburn, Linda Ronstadt, Hawksley Workman, and tonnes of others… make sure to check out the “This Tarp Kills Fascists” Folk Fest Blog for all sorts of wonderful Folk Fest 2006 updates…

Last week, I attended the annual Edmonton Rutherford & Whitemud Liberals Salmon BBQ at SnowValley. It was a great event for Edmonton Rutherford MLA Rick Miller and the Edmonton Whitemud group. I counted around 200 people there and I’m guessing they were able to raise quite a bit of funds the next election campaign. Liberal leader Kevin Taft was there along with MLA’s Laurie Blakeman, Bharat Agnihotri, Bruce Miller, Jack Flaherty, and Weslyn Mather.

And finally, make sure you get out there and VOTE for the Best PM Never! Anyone can vote in this race and it’s clearly the most democratic opportunty out there – EVER! (You don’t even have to pay $5!)

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