dome challenged.

1. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

The legislature begins a rare summer session tomorrow, but Premier Ralph Klein says what MLAs do under the Dome doesn’t count for much.

The departing premier says that during his summer travels around the province – a combination farewell tour and fact-finding mission – he’s been reminded that what happens at the legislature doesn’t mean all that much to the average Albertan.

“I have always said what we see and do here bears no relationship with what is happening in the real world,” Klein told the Sun. …

2. CalgaryGrit has a found a ridiculous video of Florida Congress Republican candidate Tramm Hudson. Here’s another ridiculous video.

3. According to the Globe & Mail:

The number of homeless people also seems to be on the rise. In 1992, when Calgary began its biennial count of the number of homeless in the city, there were 447 people without permanent shelter; this spring, the number reached 3,436. In Edmonton, the homeless population hovers at about 2,200.

Even smaller urban centres are now struggling with the issue. Grande Prairie in northern Alberta recently estimated that about 1,159 people — the majority being men between the ages of 18 and 24 — didn’t have a roof over their heads.

According to the City of Grande Prairie, their estimated population in 2005 was 44, 631. If these numbers are correct, that means that 2.5% of people in Grande Prairie are homeless – that’s about one in fourty citizens. We have a problem.

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